In 2022, the Student Leadership Council was created to provide a space for student leaders from different Western District chapters to connect and to grow. Due the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic, students have been largely unable to take advantage of in-person Western District events. As means to help facilitate conversations between students, the Student Leadership Council was born.

Purpose of Student Leadership Council

  • To provide a forum for open discussion of key issues and challenges that different chapters face
  • To encourage collaborative and inclusive event planning
  • To create a safe space for student leaders to connect and to grow

Meeting Process

Every other month, a Student Leadership Council meeting is conducted virtually. Each meeting has a scribe student leader and a facilitator student leader. The facilitator’s role is to guide the meeting along as the scribe takes meeting minutes. Following each discussion, roles are rotated through the participating school. The scribe rotates into the facilitator spot and a new scribe is chosen. The process is then repeating in the following meeting. The aim of the rotating process is to encourage different student leaders to speak and to practice meeting leading skills.

Agendas & Meeting Minutes

Meeting Agenda Minutes
October 14th, 2024
May  2024 Minutes
January 2024 Minutes
May 2023 Agenda Minutes
January 2023 Agenda Minutes
October 2022 Agenda Minutes