The Western District has a long history of supporting our young members through annual initiatives which include awards, programming during our Annual Meetings, and a mentorship program.

EXPLORE ITE – Badge Recognition Program

Inspired by the Girl/Boy Scout badges, EXPLORE ITE encourages young professionals’ (35 years and younger) participation in ITE by creating a set of challenges with participants awarded a “badge” upon completion.  The program is intended to be an annual challenge with a unique commemorative badge for every year.  Participation is simple—complete one ITE-sponsored activity under each of the categories: Social, Professional Development, and Section Meeting and submit proof through an online form.  Participants will also be automatically entered to receive additional prizes.  The challenge runs until May 31st.  Don’t let your time and efforts go unnoticed.  Grab your friends, Explore ITE, and be celebrated for your active involvement!

More info and submission form will be provided in February 2024.

Young Professional Awards

ITE Western District has two awards focused on recognizing Young Professionals which include the following:

Information about our student awards can be found here.

Annual Meeting Track

In conjunction with our District Annual Meetings, the Career Guidance Committee provides an Annual Meeting track geared to providing resources and guidance for young members.  In the past, this track has included panel discussions and situational skits about the workplace, resume workshops, and speed interview sessions.  Visit our Annual Meeting website to find out more about the sessions offered during this year’s meeting.

MiteY Mentorship Program

In 2021, the ITE Western District created a new mentorship program to support our young members from ages 35 years and under which includes students and young professionals. There is an old proverb that says “It takes a village to raise a child” that means that an entire community of people must interact with them for them to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment.  We feel that this approach can be applied to our support of students and young professionals in the Western District.  By coming together as a community of professionals, we can provide a better, more consistent support system for our younger members that can quickly adapt to the constantly changing world we live in. Find out more about our mentorship program here!

Career Guidance Committee Chair