Joining us in creating a “village” for our young members are some great volunteers who have already signed up as mentors.  The diversity of this initial group of MiteY Mentors is astounding and we are impressed by the breadth of skills and experience they have offered to share. We already have over 40 mentors signed up for the program and we’d like you to meet a few of them.

“I can provide guidance regarding writing, time management, organization, traffic impact studies, dealing with other employees.”

-Dalene J. Whitlock, Principal at W-Trans, Recent LAA Winner

“I can share my expertise with intelligent transportation systems, communication/network systems, growth as a technical engineer looking to improve their soft skills.”

-Keoni Wasano, Director of ITS Engineering at Goldwings Supply Service Inc, Hawaii Section Secretary-Treasurer

“I can share my experiences with transitioning to the workforce, taking a role in Section leadership, and work-life balance.”

-Krista Purser, Engineer at Kittelson & Associates, Inc.

“I can offer advice on career guidance, interview prep, leadership roles/positions, getting involved in ITE, outreach to students, and negotiating compensation.”

-Shruti Malik, Transportation Practice Leader at Mott MacDonald, LeadershipITE graduate

Other sample topics our mentors have offered to share:

  • Career growth/advancement, especially in years 1-5
  • Expanding technical know-how
  • Dealing with other employees
  • Negotiating compensation
  • Public vs private sector
  • Graduate school
  • Being a young female in the industry
  • How to position yourself in your company
  • Business development
  • Finding a job
  • PE licensing & TPCB certifications
  • Diversity
  • Getting involved in ITE
  • International student transition to the workforce
  • Understanding the industry
  • Building a fulfilling career in Transportation

Join the program today and meet our great mentors!