Established in 1979, the Student Paper Award encourages student members of the Western District to conduct and to report on independent research and investigation of transportation engineering subjects and to provide a means for recognizing outstanding accomplishments in this area.

The winner receives a  plaque, a $500 award, as well as free meeting registration for the Western District Annual Meeting. The District will forward the winning paper on to ITE International for consideration in the Daniel B. Fambro Student Paper Award competition.

Western District Student Paper Award Information

ITE International Student Paper Award Information (updated every year)

  • Deadline: Papers due March 1st to the Technical Committee Chair
  • Winners prior to 2020 reflect the Western District boundary prior to the creation of the Rocky Mountain District.
Award Winner
Paper Title
2022 Peter Yu, University of Washington Development of a Triplet of Enhanced Yellow Change Interval Kinematic Formulas for Vehicular Turn Phases at Signalized Intersections
2021 Marcus Chan, University of California, Davis COVID-19 Mobility Study: Temporary and Longer-term Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic
2020 Sara Urbina, Portland State University Influence of Autonomous Vehicles on Travel Behavior of 50+ years Population
2019 Rui Yue, University of Nevada, Reno Microsimulation Analysis of Traffic Operations at Two Diamond Interchange Types
2018 Jianqing Wu, University of Nevada, Reno An Automatic Procedure for Vehicle Tracking with a Roadside LiDAR Sensor
2017 Mohammadreza Hashemi Exploratory Analysis of Roadway Departure Crashes Contributing Factors Based on Classification and Regression Trees
2016 Monirehalsadat Mohmoudi, Arizona State University Toward a City with Fully Cooridinated Vehicle Sharing System
2015 Nick Ferenchak, University of Colorado-Denver Spontaneous Order of Pedestrian and Vehicle Interactions in Shared Spaces
2014 Britton Hammit, University of Wyoming The Application of a Connected Vehicle Weather Data System
2013 Yue Zhao, University of Nevada, Reno A Multi-Criteria-Based Guideline for Marked and Unmarked Pedestrian Crosswalks at Unsignalized Intersections
2012 Xiaoyue (Cathy) Liu, University of Washington An Analytical Framework for Managed Lane Facility Performance Evaluation
2011 Runze Yu, University of Washington Quantifying the Relationship between Near-Road Concentration of Black Carbon and Traffic Flow Observations
2010 PeiFeng Hu, University of Nevada, Reno Traffic Counting Errors Due to Occlusion in Video Image Vehicle Detection Systems
2009 Cody Glasnappuan, Montana State University Fuel Cost Parameter in Transportation Demand Models
2008 Xuan Wang, University of Nevada, Reno* Evaluation of Lane-by-Lane Detection at Signalized Intersections using Simulation
2007 Xuan Wang, University of Nevada, Reno An Economic Analysis Approach to Assessing Protected Only Versus Protected Permitted Left-turn Controls at Signalized Intersections
2006 Ivana Vladisavljevic, University of Utah Impact of Cell Phone Conversation While Driving on Car Following Behavior
2005 Dhruvajyoti Lahon, University of Utah Developing a Forecasting Model for Managed Lanes
2004 Emily Drennen, San Francisco State University Economic Effects of Traffic Calming on Urban Small Businesses
2003 Lin Zhang, University of Hawaii at Manoa Freeway Travel Time Estimation: Case Study in Honolulu
2002 Brent Turley, Brigham Young University Dancing Diamonds in Highway Work Zones
2001 Christopher Cherry, University of Arizona The Historical Significance of Present Transportation Issues
2000 Lani Alyson Tribbett, Montana State University An Evaluation on the Effectiveness of Dynamic Curve Warning Systems at
Reducing Vehicle Speed in the Sacramento River Canyon
1999 Glen Thurgood, Jr., Brigham Young University Roundabouts: Geometric Innovation or Just Going in Circles?
1998 David Horn, Oregon State University Airport Terminal Design Consideration
1997 Samson Teshome A critical analysis of the Alameda Corridor
1996 Renatus Mussa, Arizona State University Evaluation of Driver-based Freeway Incident Detection
1995 Kara Kockelman, University of California, Berkeley Which Matters More in Mode Choice: Income or Density?
1994 Alexander Zupanski, Cal Poly Pomona Design Considerations for Toll Road Signs
1993 Fabian Cevallos, San Jose State University The Truck Factor: Basic Freeway Segments
1992 Douglas O’Neill Airport Gate Utilization – Measuring the Effect of a Common-Use Strategy
1991 Gary Thomas, Arizona State University Intelligent Vehicle/Highway Sytems: Getting SMART in the Future
1990 Chris Clemow, University of Idaho Proposed Delay Estimation Model Used to Determine Level of Service for All-Way Stop Controlled Intersections
1989 Bill Baranowski, Brigham Young University
1988 Konstadinos Goulias, University of California – Davis Quasi-Simulation of Auto Type Choice: Minimum Requirements of Alternatively Fueled Vehicles
1987 Edwin Lagergren, University of Washington Traffic Sign Retroreflectivity Measurement Using Human Observers
1986 Katherine Hunter-Zaworski, Oregon State University Traveling Disadvantaged and the Advanced Light Rail Transit System – A Report on Accessibility Issues
1980 Anne Taylor Harris, University of Utah*
*Also ITE International Award Winner