The Western District Outstanding Student Award recognizes students who have shown exceptional dedication to the transportation profession through ITE service, research, mentoring, or real-world experiences. Initiated in 2003, the award has been expanded to recognize both an undergraduate student and a graduate student.

If you would like to nominate a student: (1) complete the nomination form, (2) compose a recommendation letter, no more than two pages in length, addressing your nominee’s contributions to ITE and the transportation profession, and (3) return the nomination to the Career Guidance Chair at the address on the nomination form. A panel of distinguished Western District ITE members will select the winners. Award winners will receive a $500 monetary prize, a plaque, and free registration for the Western District Annual Meeting.

Outstanding Student Award Nomination Form

  • Deadline: Nominations due April 15th to the Career Guidance Committee Chair
  • Winners prior to 2020 reflect the Western District boundary prior to the creation of the Rocky Mountain District.

Undergraduate Student

Award Winner
2023 Garett Davis, UC Berkeley
2022 Sophia Tan, UCLA
2021 Katherine Lee, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
2020 none
2019 Vanessa See, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
2018 Henry Hammel, UC Berkeley
2017 Natalia Brown, Brigham Young University
2016 Ashley Kim, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
2015 Christopher Sobie, Northern Arizona University
2014 Kaylinn Roseman, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
2013 none
2012 Clancy Black, Brigham Young University
2011 Emad Elias, CSU Long Beach
2010 Devin Moore, Brigham Young University
2009 Joshua Crain, Portland State University
2008 none
2007 none
2006 Victor Ling, Cal Poly Pomona
2005 Hui Lai, Cal Poly Pomona
2004 Eric Maya, Cal Poly Pomona

Graduate Student

Award Winner
2023 Kezia Suwandhaputra, Oregon State University
2022 Eileen Chai, Oregon State University
2021 Amy Wyman, Oregon State University
2020 Travis Larson, Oregon State University
2019 Abolfazl Karimpour, University of Arizona
2018 Kayla Fleskes, Oregon State University
2017 Travis Low, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
2016 Kevin Carstens, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
2015 David Bassett, Brigham Young University
2014 none
2013 Bradley Mecham, Brigham Young University
2012 Xiaoyue (Cathy) Liu, CSU Long Beach
2011 Ian Barnes, UC Berkeley
2010 Jeremy Searle, Brigham Young University
2009 Lisa Diercksen
2008 none
2007 none
2006 Steve Boice, Portland State University
2005 none
2004 Trevor Iman, Montana State University
2003 Elizabeth W. Rutman – University of New Mexico