Oath of Office

(Ask all officers to stand, raise their right hand and respond “I will”)

In accepting the office to which you have been elected in ITE, a community of transportation professionals, will you discharge to the best of your ability all the duties of that office? (I will)

Will you work to build community and encourage all members to participate fully in the volunteer, leadership, networking, and technical aspects of ITE? (I will)

Will you support the membership and technical growth of the organization by recruiting and engaging of all transportation professionals and by identifying and nurturing future leaders? (I will)

Will you promote the transportation profession’s best practices and advocate for the needs of all users? (I will)

Will you be governed by ITE’s Constitution and by the policies, rules and procedures established by the Board of Direction, and will you collaborate with leaders at all levels to maintain consistency, quality, and performance across the organization? (I will)

It is my pleasure to declare you installed into the respective offices to which you have been elected.


Will all ITE members please stand and respond to the following statement:

Having chosen these officers as your leaders for the coming year, will you carry out your obligation to support and assist them in achieving ITE’s mission and goals? (I will)

Please show your support by joining me in a round of applause for the new officers.