Benefits of Being an ITE Member

ITE is an International organization of over 16,000 members in 85 countries focused on transportation. Members come from public agencies (federal, state, MPO, county, city), private firms, academia, manufactures and suppliers of transportation equipment/ products. The Western District, which represents the 5 Pacific states in the USA, Guam, American Samoa, and the Northern Marianas, provides benefits to members in six broad areas that match our goals.

The Western District of ITE focuses on these four areas of member services:

Building Connections

ITE affords its members numerous means to share information and build connections. When you join ITE, you join a local Section, a regional District and ITE International. This affords you various levels of participation. Each level works together to help you build your brand and keep you up to date on issues important to you by providing opportunities to connect locally, regionally, and internationally, virtually and in-person.

Through ITE organized meetings our members can build their circle of professional acquaintances from other peer agencies and firms, developing relationships that last a career. ITE provides a platform for this networking – annual meetings, councils/committees and leadership opportunities. Our members can share experiences and perspectives on issues with people devoted to transportation – and be only one email or call away from support and advice.

ITE produces a monthly magazine (ITE Journal) and a quarterly newsletter for the Western District members (WesternITE), has specialized technical newsletters from Councils, web sites (both International and Western District), a web-based membership directory, bi-weekly industry updates (ITE Spotlite), and web-based discussion forums (ITE e-Community). These all provide avenues for our members to stay abreast of current issues, share information, build lasting professional relationships and participate with a group focused on transportation – who have a passion for the profession.

Technical Resources

ITE is your source for a wide range of technical tools and solutions to the challenges you face every day. ITE members have free access to numerous emerging topics through free webinars and a professional development hours hub to track continuing education.

You can directly engage in council. Committee and task force work that establishes emerging practice, best practices and recommended practices used within the transportation industry. These are activities where you can share and learn from others across the world. Or, you may just want access to references that document these practices. ITE also has an extensive Library of resources and essential publications you need on your bookshelf. Members get discounts on these products (typically about 33%).

Employer Value

Retaining good staff is a goal of all agencies and firms and professional development is a key to a good retention strategy. ITE’s cost effective methods of professional development provide employers practical means of delivering highly applicable training to transportation staff. This can come from participation in meetings and councils to leadership opportunities with ITE. Employers benefit from having staff that are linked to the latest in transportation research, applications, analysis and design – and are able to apply lessons learned from others efficiently and effectively rather than “reinventing the wheel” to address emerging issues. Many members choose to join an ITE Council to expand their technical expertise and stay abreast of emerging practices.

ITE has unique leadership development programs to help professionals advance their skills. LeadershipITE is specifically build for transportation professionals, tailored to their needs. ITE elected leadership positions provide individuals opportunities to engage with key leaders within their local area, region, nationally or worldwide. Council and committee leader roles allow professionals to advance emerging topics and gain recognition and understanding through deeper dives into issues. Each of these activities provide paths for employees to test out, explore and advance leadership skills.

When it becomes time to recruit staff with unique and focused transportation skills in the west, WesternITE’s Jobs Available board links you to nearly 4,000 western states transportation professionals. As a professional looking to advance, the Jobs Available board provides you a range of opportunities to consider in searching for a new position. As an employer, the Jobs Available board provides you a range of salaries being paid in the west for various positions that you can use to establish a retention-based salary structure.

Student Initiatives

There is no better way to assure the transportation profession remains strong into the future than attracting the best and brightest to the field of transportation engineering. ITE provides numerous initiatives that allow our members to engage with students, provide financial support to students and to a link between the profession and academic environments. These structured activities allow our members to be productive with their limited volunteer time. Contact with students helps build passion in young professionals for transportation and allows our members to recruit the best potential staff members for their circumstances in engaging environments.