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List of Western District Student Chapters


Student Chapter Annual Report Form

This report form contains the minimum information required to be submitted each year by each Student Chapter to ITE Headquarters and the District in which the student chapter is located. (See Section II.D of the Student Chapter Manual.) You may use a copy of this form ā€“ filling in the blanks and adding attachments as appropriate ā€“ or, if it is more convenient, submit the same information in a format similar to this form. If your Student Chapter desires to be a candidate for the annual ITE District and International Student Chapter Award, you are encouraged to prepare a supplementary report that describes your Student Chapter activities in greater detail that is requested in this report.

Student Chapter Annual Report Award Information

Professional Liaisons

Student Initiatives Chair
Danielle R. Scharf
Sanderson Stewart
106 East Babcock St.
Bozeman , MT 59715
Tel: (406) 922-4325
Fax: (406) 922-2768
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