The Transportation Project of the Year award was established in 2020 to compliment ITE International’s Transportation Achievement Awards.  Projects submitted to the District in the following categories will be reviewed by a panel of judges with one (1) project selected for each category:

  • Complete Streets
  • Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO)
  • Safety
  • Planning
  • Traffic Engineering

The projects selected by the panel will be submitted to ITE International for their Transportation Achievement Awards.  In addition, one of the five selected projects will be awarded the Western District’s Transportation Project of the Year award.

ITE International Submission and Scoring Criteria (updated every year)

The 2019 submissions that were submitted to ITE International on behalf of the Western District are provided here for reference:

Deadline: Nominations for the Transportation Achievement Award should be submitted to the Technical Committee Chair via email by March 1.

Award Winner
Project Title
2023 Complete Streets Clackamas County Clackamas Regional Mobility Center Improvements
2022 TSMO Caltrans Enrico Fermi Diverging Diamond Interchange and Border Wait Time Technologies and Information Systems
2021 Safety City of Fremont Fremont Vision Zero Program*

*Also ITE International Award Winner