Recognizes the author of a paper judged to be the best technical paper presented at the ITE Western District Annual Meeting by a Young Professional. The paper would be judged based on its value to transportation engineering. Papers are screened by the local arrangements technical committee and judged by a panel of section technical chairs. Key criteria include: Originality; Significance and Applicability to Transportation; Research and Technical Content; and Ability to clearly communicate information (presentation and format).

  • Papers must be submitted to the Western District Technical Committee Chair by April 1.
  • The primary author must be a Western District member and be 35 years old or younger.
  • The award was established in 2005 and the winning author receives a plaque at the Western District Annual Meeting.
Award Winner
Paper Title
2022 Jonathan Howard Lessons Learned Designing California’s First Turbo Roundabout
2021 Andrew Sullivan “Flanders Bridge & Neighborhood Greenway”
2020 Eric Milliken A Study of Local Gap Acceptance Behavior Using Drone Videography
2019 Matthew Bomberg Fremont Vision Zero Program: A City Getting Safer
2018 Christopher Sobie “ATSPM Deployment in Albuquerque, NM”
2017 Ian Barnes Getting There On Time: Why Travel Time Reliability Isn’t Just for Drivers
2016 Yung Koprowski Analysis of Bluetooth and WiFi Technology to Measure Wait Times of Personal Vehicles at Arizona-Mexico Ports of Entry
2015 None
2014 Jeremy Jackson “Evolving the DDI”
2013 Andrew Cibor “Countywide Roundabout Preservation Plan”
2012 Yue Zhao “Guidelines for Marked and Unmarked Crosswalks and Unsignalized Intersections”
2011 Wei Feng “Techniques to Visualize and Monitor Transit Fleet Operations Performance in Urban Areas”
2010 Shruti Malik “Innovative Techniques to Model HOV to HOT Lane Conversion Using VISSIM – A Case study of SR 237/I-880 Express Connectors in Santa Clara County”
2009 Smith Siromaskul “Diverging Diamond Interchange Design 101: Things to Know Before You Start”
2008 Smith Siromaskul “A Comparative Analysis of Diverging Diamond Interchange Operations”
2007 Ramin Massoum “Bad All Red Times = Recipe for Disaster”
2006 Benjamin Waldman and Bart Przybyl “The Effects of Pedestrian Signals at Multi-Lane Roundabouts”
2005 Christopher Strong “Development of Criteria to Identify Locations for ITE Deployment.”