The following are the papers submitted and presentations given at the 2019 Western District Annual meeting in Monterey, California. Please see the Technical Session Program for descriptions of the papers/presentations. If your paper or presentation is missing, and you would like to have it posted here, please contact the Web Manager.

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Session Presenter Title Paper Presentation
2A Ejaz Khan Clark County Safety Program PDF
Thalia Leng San Francisco’s Safe Streets Evaluation Program PDF
Matthew Bomberg Fremont Vision Zero Program: A City Getting Safer PDF PDF
Anurag Pande Strategic Investment Decisions on Highway Improvement Projects PDF
2B Jose Guedes Citywide Adaptive Control System in Culver City PDF
Andrea Renny Adaptive Signal Control in Monterey PDF; Video
Christopher Sobie Evolving from Traditional Signal Timing to Proactive Signal Timing and Maintenance PDF
Victoria Edington 300 Traffic Signals, One Retiming Project: Lessons Learned PDF
2C Carlos Ortiz Mobility as a Service (MaaS) PDF
Crissy Ditmore Mobility as a Service (MaaS) PDF
Lew Gaskell Public Agencies and the MaaS Environment PDF
Frank Kopas Mobility as a Service makes Smart Cities Smarter PDF
3A Anurag Pande Assessing Complete Streets and Tactical Urbanism Using Microscopic Traffic Simulation Models PDF
Kendra Rowley Evaluating Success: Complete Streets Before and After PDF
Ian Barnes The Bigger Picture: Using Big Data to Determine Effects and Benefits After Project Implementation PDF
3B Allen Wang Autonomous Vehicles on Arterial Streets and Intersections – A Simulation Analysis PDF; Video 1; Video 2
Omar Raddaoui Assessment of Connected Vehicle Work Zone Warnings Effectiveness for Truck Drivers PDF
Julie Kentosh ODOT Connected Vehicle Applications PDF
Shane Zumpf Traffic Management Center 2.0 – Lessons in Integrating a Connected Vehicle Environment PDF
3C Scott Thomas Denver and Colorado: Smart City and State PDF
Tim Erney Hidden Effect of Transformational Technologies on Land Use and Planning PDF
Michael Schmitt Sacramento Smart Mobility Plan PDF
Jim Damkowitch State Route 68 Scenic Highway Plan – Smart Mobility Framework Case Study PDF PDF
4A Joshua Saak Data Driven Traffic Calming Policy PDF
Ross Ainsworth Evolution of a Complete Street in Napa PDF
Lindsey Van Parys Roadway Repurposing through Roundabouts PDF
Gabriel Ho Speed Humps on Steep Roadways PDF
4B Lynne Yocum The Three PPP’s of Fiber Optics: Building and Leveraging Fiber Optic Systems PDF
Peter Yu Evaluation of an Alternative, Unique Intersection Scheme: The Continuous Turbo Intersection PDF PDF
Jaime Rodriguez Active Internet of Things (IoT): Transportation Projects in Both Walnut Creek and Saratoga Using IoT Solutions PDF
Doug Bilse Improving Traffic Signal Operations Using Travel Information Systems PDF
4C Steve Davis Kicking Chaos to the Curb: Using ITE’s Curbside Management Guide PDF
Geoff Rubendall ReEnvisioning the Curb: A Framework to Improve Access for People
5A Molly McCormick Oregon State University Context Sensitive Transportation Solutions PDF
Kevin Carstens From Low Bridges to Old Bridges: How to Haul Hazardous Material through a Neighborhood PDF
Matthew McCluney Learning from Campus: Universities as Transportation Laboratories PDF PDF
5B Eric Ruehr Guidelines for Transportation Impact Studies in the San Diego Region PDF
Ruben Hovanesian From 0 to 60 in 2 Years:
How Smart Can Go Past Being a
Buzzword and Become Imbedded in
Safety, Planning, and Engineering
Jodie Snyder Risk, Resilience, Innovation, and Planning in the Age of the Unexpected PDF
Karen Mack Implementing SB743 in Suburban San Jose: Challenges Faced Transitioning from LOS to VMT PDF
Mark Johnson Performance Based Planning with Roundabouts PDF
5C Jay Dinkins Curb Allocation and Shared Mobility Devices PDF
David Wasserman Envisioning the Future of the Curb with Procedural Streets PDF
Doug Smith Responding to the Needs of Emerging Technologies in Airport Operations: How JWA is Meeting the Demand of TNCs PDF
6A Wulf Grote Light Rail Roundabouts in Phoenix PDF PDF; Video
Joseph Perrin Light Rail and Roundabouts: A True Complete Street on Main Street PDF
Caralee Jaeckels Bus on Shoulder Projects in San Diego PDF
Tal Green Using High Resolution Transit Geolocation Data to Analyze Performance and Identify Intersections for Transit Signal Priority Implementation PDF PDF
6B Rui Yue An Evaluation of Operational Efficiency between Single Point Urban Interchange with Frontage Road and Tight Diamond Interchange PDF PDF
Chengxin Dai Innovative Performance Evaluation Matrix for Solving Urban Freeway and Interchange Congestion PDF
Maggie Lin Using Big Data in Freeway Planning Studies PDF
Amanda Deering Comparison and Analysis of Big Data for a Regional Freeway Study in Washington State PDF
6C Jonathan Hofert A Tale of Perspectives on Micro Mobility and Parking in Los Angeles County PDF
Oliver Chi City, Lyft, and LimeBike Partnership PDF PDF
Hassan Ahmed Scooters: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly PDF
Monica Suter Santa Ana’s Active Transportation Program and Electric Scooters PDF
7A Raid Tirhi The Use of ITS Technologies in Collision Investigation PDF PDF
Wes Marshall Understanding the Safe Systems Approach to Vision Zero through International Road Safety Disparities PDF
KC Yellapu Innovative Approach for Rural Highway’s Vision Zero PDF
Scott Kelley Prioritization of Systemic Roadway Light Pole Replacement PDF
7B Miriam Jim Escondido Creek Bikeway Project: Two-Way Cycle Track PDF
Kimberly Leung Valencia Street Bikeway Improvements Project PDF
Kevin Aguigui North Fremont Street Median Bike Lanes PDF
7C Frederik Venter TDM Toolkit for Monterey PDF
Ryan Caldera Parking in Santa Clara County: A Regional Analysis of Housing, Parking
Supply, Demand, and Perceptions of Occupancy
Paul Brown Colorado’s Statewide Truck Parking Assessment PDF
Patrick Lee Paid On-Street Parking Management with Parking Meter Data PDF
8A Grant Schultz Compliance at Ped Crossings PDF
David Roseman Your System Does What? The Hybrid Pedestrian Interval PDF PDF; Video
Bill Delo Crowdsourcing Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements through Walk Audits PDF
8B Kenneth Isenhower Holman Highway Roundabout: Key to Unlocking Congestion for the Monterey Peninsula PDF
Reh-Lin Chen The First Modern Roundabout Plan in San Leandro PDF PDF
Mark Johnson Confused about Signing and Marking at Roundabouts? Key Design Components for Successful Implementation PDF
Bill Baranowski Turbo Roundabout Design Guidelines PDF PDF
8C Heather Edic Anchorage’s Glenn Highway: Using Online Survey Tools to Gather Public Input on a Major Corridor PDF
Hans Larsen The Fremont Mobility Action Plan – Engaging the Community to Address Transportation Challenges PDF
Jim Hanson Applying Experiential Public Engagement and Ideation to Develop People-Focused Transportation Solutions Based on Technology and Innovation PDF
Ricardo Olea Traffic Engineering in Children’s Literature PDF
9A Darwin Galang Castro Street Multi-Modal Improvements Project PDF; Video
Sheila Marquises The Fremont Multi-Modal Path to Measure BB Funding PDF
Erica Jensen All Ages and Abilities Bicycle Facilities: A Network that Works for Everyone PDF
9B Matt Kennedy Shared Success – Two Projects, One Commercial Corridor for Today and the Future in Ukiah, CA PDF
Josh Peterman Fremont’s Approach to Targeting Corridor Improvements PDF
Aaron Heumann Mineral Avenue Corridor Assessment PDF
Frederik Venter A Fresh Approach to Integrated Corridor Analysis PDF
9C Briana Calhoun Using Big Data to Forecast First/Last Mile Transit Ridership PDF
Mike Wallace The Future of Urban Goods Movement: An Implementation of Data Driven Methods PDF
Yung Koprowski Crash Analysis Using Business Intelligence Data Analysis Software PDF
James Colyar Use of Crowdsourcing to Advance Operations PDF