Student Initiatives

Student Initiatives

TheWestern District ITE 20 Point Action Plan is to encourage greater involvement in ITE from Students and Faculty at Western District Student Chapters.

Student and Faculty Student Initiatives Committee (SFIC) Action Plan (PDF Format)

Actions Taken by the Western District Board at Mid-Year Meeting February 1, 2002:

1. Approved subsidies to Student Faculty Advisor:

  • $150 Western District voucher to faculty advisors for International Membership dues upon submission of annual Student Chapter Report
  • Establish new Western District dues classification for current faculty advisors which is $0
  • Waive Western District Annual Meeting registration fees for ITE Faculty Advisors
  • Develop a Western District Resolution to the International Board requesting that they waive first year international dues
  • Develop a Western District Resolution to the International Board to encourage the International Board to consider the Western District student chapter initiatives as a model

2. Approved reformatting Student Chapter Award to be $100 for submitting, $200 for winner PLUS expenses for student chapter to attend Western District annual meeting up to a total of $1000 for direct costs.

3. Approved development of a student competition (typically at the annual meeting) that would generally be a “real life” problem solving competition combining professionals with student teams that present their approach to the problem (using the California Transportation Foundation model). Organize room space with the LACs and include requirements in LAC Handbook for future LACs. Awards would be provided up to $1000 to winner. Consider as a future replacement to the Kell Award. Guidelines for competition developed by Career Guidance Chair. Reviewed performance following first year.

4. Established a new award for Outstanding Transportation Educator in the Western District from an university/college with an ITE student chapter. Student Chapter Initiative Committee established guidelines (plaque).

5. Approved a motion to write an article in WesternITE and to have the President issue a letter to all Sections/Chapters explaining potential value and how to re-engineer scholarship funds/awards where the distributions are flexible between academic use and to offset student/faculty advisor costs to attend Annual Meetings.

Other Actions Completed in 2002:

6. Pursue means to distribute WesternITE electronic format to all Western District student members – WesternITE is now available via the web to all members any time

7. Retain “What’s Up ITE” Student Chapter Newsletter -The student newsletter editor has been assigned, the Newsletter renamed to “College Happenings ” and placed on the Western District web site.

8. Have Career Guidance Chair fill newsletter editor position – Craig Grandstrom filled this position

9. Have Career Guidance Chair create an email address book of all current faculty advisors – The list is complete, has been sent to all advisors and will be on the web in 2003.

10. Recommend that the Student Chapter Initiatives Committee develop a model section student chapter liaison document to foster student/profession activities and a separate document for model faculty advisor activity – Jodi Carson has taken the lead in this development and a draft of the Best Practices for Student Chapters is scheduled for completion in 2003.

11. Issue a joint letter from the Western District President and Career Guidance to Recommend to all Sections/Chapters to designate a Student Chapter Liaison for each student chapter (potentially combining a recent graduate of the university and a mentor) – The Western District web site list these people and a Best Practices for Liaisons has been assigned to Jodi Carson and Pat Gibson for 2003/2004.

12. Maximize the promotion of available scholarships through Western District communication media (web site, WesternITE, Student Newsletter) – Done

13. Recommend that LAC handbook be revised to support waiving student registration fees and meal costs for student ITE members – In development and will be continually updated

14. Provide high exposure space for any Western District student chapters at reduced or no cost at Western District Annual Meetings to be used as a revenue opportunity for the student chapter and/or a career fair activity – guidelines to be established by the Student Chapter Initiatives Committee. The Western District Board authorized use of such space for the Palm Desert Annual Meeting (for a period of time) to UNLV Student Chapter to allow them to sell the CD they prepared for the Technical Committee of Annual Meeting papers dating back to 1950. – Done for Palm Desert and to become standard for Western District Annual Meetings.

15. Request Student Chapter Initiative Committee consider potential need for a separate “academically valuable” proceedings document for the annual meeting (combining best paper award papers with academic research). – Dropped

Activities for further development in 2003/2004:

16. Commission student chapter(s) to conduct data collection and/or research of hot topics (Trip Generation, Parking Generation, Truck Generation,…).

17. Career Guidance Chair to advertise availability of existing Western District funds for textbook/manuals to student chapters

18. WesternITE/Web oversight committee to consider development of student intern bulletin board development.

19. Create award for student chapter participation

20. Increase student/academic content into WesternITE
· Student/Faculty Corner
· Student Chapter Reports
· Increased Notification of Deadlines

Additional Items Discussed at D6 Board Workshop February 2003:

21. Develop intern listing on web site, combining HQ Student Resume service and avoiding redundant activities (such as separate resume book – which the HQ Resume Service should accomplish).

22. Career Guidance chair to develop a new training track for future annual meetings focusing on young professionals development opportunities and attracting them to the annual meeting (to be implemented at the 2004 Annual Meeting)

23. Promoting student events at section level – maybe designating one month as student meetings for all Western District sections. Consider having these meetings on campus. Consider having student presentations. Encourage membership to invite students to section meetings.

24. Student Initiatives Committee to consider a individual achievement award for students