Published On: March 2nd, 2022

Hello Western District Members!  I wanted to share a few more highlights from our Mid-Year Board meeting held in January and highlight our committees.  The following four committee chairs were appointed for new and extended terms: Kayla Fleskes – Student Finding and Initiatives committee, Ellie Simpson – WesternITE Editor, Cameron Shew, Website Manager and Dalene Whitlock – District Administrator.  A big thank you for your continued service in support of the District’s members!  These four chairs are part of the nine committees that the District has in place to help manage the District’s activities and initiatives. It goes without saying that these chairs and all of the members of their respective committees are important and active participants in the District and their hard work continues to make the District as great as it is.  It is also a good reminder that there are so many people that dedicate a portion of their time for the betterment of ITE. From the chapter and section level, all they way through the District level, each of us volunteer our time and energy because we feel strongly of the value that ITE provides to us and to the industry.  Remember to thank anyone you encounter in ITE for their service and keep in mind for yourself where there are opportunities to help out, participate and lead within ITE. Keep up all of the great work!

As a continued reminder, the 2022 ITE Western District Annual Meeting is scheduled for June 26-29, 2021 in Palm Springs at the Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel & Palm Springs Convention Center. Our Western District Local Arrangements Committee has been very hard at work coordinating and planning a great meeting!  Go the website for more information and look for schedule updates as they layout an exciting and great technical program!  The abstract deadline has ended, and for those of you who have submitted abstracts for the Annual Meeting, you will be notified if your abstract was selected very soon.  Registration is open so please register and reserve your hotel rooms now.  We are looking forward to a great in-person meeting!

Joe De La Garza
President, ITE Western District

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