Published On: September 28th, 2022

The Western District Executive Committee met on September 16th for the Fall Executive Board Meeting.  This meeting is a Kick-Off and On-Boarding meeting for our Secretary-Treasurer-Elect Pat Marnell and also provides an opportunity for the current Board to review current income and expenses and check our current budget year-to-date. Additional discussion topics included the closing of the fiscal year of 2021/2022 and review of the 2022 Annual Meeting budget and begin planning for the budget for the 2022/2023 Fiscal Year. We were pleased to recognize that the 2022 Annual Meeting had excess revenue and the Board discussed the best ways to provide support to future annual meetings (2023 Portland, 2024 Sacramento, 2025 Long Beach, and 2026 Bellevue) as well as provide for an additional Leadership ITE scholarship and support for our Section 101 initiative which helps the Board to outreach with selected local sections. Thanks again to the Annual Meeting LAC and all who helped organize as well as those who attended the meeting.  It was a technical and financial success!

There are a few different Western District Committee Chairs that have been reappointed including Advertising Manager, Ryan Zellers,  Student Funding and Initiatives Chair, Kayla Fleskes, and District LAC Committee Chair, Cathy Leong.  Jeanne Acutanza has been appointed to fill the Technical Committee Chair position as Pat Marnell moves into the Secretary-Treasurer position in January.

It is never too early to start looking forward to our 2023 Annual Meeting in Portland! It will be a joint meeting with ITE International on August 13-16, 2023 and we look to have great representation from the Western District.

Lastly, I wanted to highlight Western District Members and organizations that were recognized at the International Meeting in New Orleans: Transportation Achievement – TSMO, STC Traffic, Section Momentum Award, Southern California Section, Student Chapter Momentum, Portland State University, Western District Rising Star, Cameron Shew, Pedestrian and Bicycle Standing Committee John LaPlante Award, City of West Linn, Oregon and one of the 2022 ITE Young Leaders to Follow, Kimberly Leung. Congratulations to all of the award winners!!

Joe De La Garza
President, ITE Western District

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