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  • International Director’s Report

    International Board of ITE meets in Minneapolis Big Changes in Store for the Western District By Karen Aspelin, P.E., P.T.O.E., International Director from the Western District The following summarizes the third of four calendar year meetings of ITE’s International Board of Direction (IBOD), which met August 18-19 in Minneapolis. Financials Executive Director Jeff Paniati more >
  • International Director’s Report

    By Carlos A. Ortiz, International Director The ITE International Board of Directors (IBOD) met in Jackson, Wyoming for our Spring Board Meeting on May 16th and 17th. The meeting was held prior to our Intermountain Section Annual Meeting and provided our non-Western District Board Members with the opportunity to experience an Intermountain Section Annual more >
  • President’s Message

    It is an honor to serve as the Western District President and I’d like to thank the membership in trusting me with this role. We had a successful meeting with the Texas District in Keystone that included a great mix of the Western and Texas District traditions as well as a great technical program. more >
  • Upcoming Western District One ITE Task Force Meetings (Updated)

    The Western District One ITE Task Force was formed in June 2018 to examine the implications of ITE International’s One ITE initiative.  Our goal is to work with ITE International’s One ITE Task Force, provide guidance and information, and assist Sections and Chapters with their desired next steps.   The Western District One ITE Task more >
  • President’s Message

    In case you missed Mark’s presidents message at the Business Luncheon, you can read it here: It‘s been my privilege to serve as our District President these past two years! This past year we were able to continue advancements in all five of the Western District Strategic Plan goals. These include: • providing our more >
  • Website Header Spotlight

    The Seaward Green Lane Project By: Derek Towers, Bicycle Coordinator, City of Ventura One of the most significant progressive bicycle treatments to date, within Caltrans Right of Way, the Seaward Green Lane Project. The project began in 2014 when Union Pacific Railroad installed new fencing, blocking a long and well established, but, illegal at more >
  • Student Endowment Fund: July/August

    For the July-August spotlight, we will hear from President Fahmid Tousif, Vice President Hossein Sadeghi, and Secretary Paul Bomber about the University of Idaho ITE student chapter and their plans for ITE and the Student Endowment Fund in the upcoming school year:  Fahmid Tousif Graduate Student, Civil Engineering How did you join ITE? I came to more >
  • 2018 Individual Achievement Award Winner – Justin Link

    Congratulations to our 2018 Individual Achievement Award winner, Justin Link.  During this year’s Awards Banquet, our award presentations were accompanied by the following video produced by the District’s Public Relations Committee:
  • 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner – Rock Miller

    Congratulations to our 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Rock Miller.  During this year’s Awards Banquet, our award presentations were accompanied by the following video produced by the District’s Public Relations Committee:
  • 2018 Election Results

    Following the conclusion of the 2018 elections, the Western District is pleased to announce our newly-elected officers. Neelam Dorman, TE was elected President, Paul Barricklow, PE, PTOE was elected Vice President, Giancarlo Ganddini was elected as Secretary-Treasurer, and Cathy Leong was elected as junior International Director. Congratulations to the new Western District Board! President more >