Published On: February 25th, 2014

The Mar-Apr Spotlight was written by Jonathan Hofert, President of the Riverside/ San Bernardino ITE Section. The following is Jonathan’s article regarding RSBITE’s thoughts about the Student Endowment Fund:

2013-14 RSBITE Board

The Riverside/San Bernardino Section is a Platinum-level group contributor to the Student Endowment Fund, and also boasts in its membership the top two individual contributors. Its Board believes strongly in the Fund’s mission to educate future engineers, planners, and other professionals about the field of transportation engineering. All current Section Board members have either donated individually to the Fund, or have pledged to do so this year.

To further the Fund’s mission, the Section has announced a fund drive to match its members’ contributions to the Endowment Fund this year, through June 30, 2014 dollar for dollar.

In addition to our strong support of the Fund, the Section has undertaken other student initiatives such as initiating a Section scholarship last year, funding the purchase of traffic data collection equipment for the Cal Poly Pomona student chapter, donating space for student chapters to fundraise at the Section’s vendor show, and sponsoring and speaking at local student chapter meetings.

We ask our members, other ITE members, and industry practitioners to ask themselves: How did you find out about this wonderful field? And wouldn’t it be nice if more students knew what we do?

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