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  • MiteY Race International Edition

    This year the Western District is hosting TWO MiteY Race events.  The first will be held in conjunction with the Western District Annual Meeting in Albuquerque, NM and the second race will be held in conjunction with the ITE International Annual Meeting in Anaheim, CA.  Both events are being held as fundraisers for the more >
  • Vice President Spotlight

    Reflections on my year as Vice President I hope you all have read the most recent editions of WesternITE and the Western District E-Newsletters.  I’m a positive person, so I’ll assume you have!  This past year you read about our various Committee Chairs and what they do.  Now it’s my turn, as your Vice more >
  • President’s Message: When in Doubt Wear Red

    I’m thinking back to our “conversations” as I write my final E-News President’s Message.  I say “conversations” because I hope that is what you feel my messages have been to you over the past year.  I hope that you have gotten to know the District leadership better as a result of these messages and more >
  • ITE Western District Elections Open

    The ITE Western District election is now open.  Emails were sent to all members last week inviting them to vote for our officers, International Director, and also on proposed changes to the District’s Bylaws.  Please be sure to open the email from “elections-on-line” and take a moment to cast your vote in the District election. more >
  • Student Endowment Fund Committee Update

    Written By: Kimberly Leung, Student Endowment Fund Committee Chair Five hundred thousand dollars. Half a million dollars. $500,000. No matter how your phrase it, the Richard T. Romer Student Endowment Fund’s goal is a large dollar amount with a lot of zeroes trailing behind it. This may have been a lofty and aggressive goal more >
  • District Website Photo Contest Winner

    The City of Tempe Realizes its Multimodal Vision for University Drive Written By:  Ray Yparraguirre, P.E. The context of one heavily-traveled Tempe, Arizona roadway has significantly transformed in the past two years thanks to a successful partnership among the City of Tempe, Kimley-Horn, and area stakeholders. The Kimley-Horn team, led by Project Manager Ray more >
  • Public Relations Committee Update

    Improving Communications in our Profession Written By: Doug Smith, Public Relations Committee Chair Being the parent of two middle school children (yes, I know what you are thinking…I started a little late!), it is not unusual to be standing around at a school function, birthday party or soccer tournament and get the inevitable question – more >
  • Leadership Session for Young Professionals in Albuquerque

    The Career Guidance Committee is bringing you a new session this year at the Western District Annual Meeting in Albuquerque that takes inspiration from LeadershipITE. This session will group young professionals with at least one year of work experience into teams to complete a project during the session. Students are invited to attend and more >
  • Webmaster Spotlight

    Written By: Justin Link, Webmaster “Why do I need to join Thefacebook? I already have a Myspace page.” (For those of you younger than I, and I’m not that old, there used to be a “the” in the Facebook domain name. Try it out, and it will redirect you to facebook.com) Famous last words. It more >