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  • Fall 2015 WesternITE

    The Fall 2015 issue of WesternITE is on it’s way to your door! In the meantime, you can read it online read here
  • MiteY Race Recap

    Thank you to all of the teams that participated in the MiteY Race at the recent Western District Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV!  We kicked off the meeting on Saturday with the 5th installment of the race with 4 family/friends and 11 student teams completing fun, but challenging tasks within the Miracle Mile more >
  • Spring 2015 WesternITE

    The Spring 2015 issue of WesternITE is on it’s way to your door! In the meantime, you can read it online read here
  • Remembering Rick Mitchell

    Rick Mitchell, President of the Western District in 1985, passed away of a sudden heart attack on Sunday, March 16 while on vacation in Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Branding the Western District

    As mentioned in last month’s E-newsletter, the Western District is conducting an effort to improve communication with its members. Through this effort, it became evident that District materials were not immediately recognizable to members, as we have no unique logo or standard graphics scheme that separates us from ITE Headquarters. Therefore, the District is more >
  • Western District PR Committee Takes on Traffic Engineer Bashing

    The Public Relations Committee is now focusing most of its efforts on addressing the “Traffic Engineer Bashing” issue.  The Committee members have been discussing what people/factors shaped their own approaches to traffic engineering and it is apparent that many attitudes are shaped by circumstances.  For example, the people who worked in a multi-modal focused more >
  • Remembering Harry Parker

    Harry Parker, past president of the Western District and a highly-respected ITE member in Southern California passed away on March 6, 2013. Harry was born on February 12, 1925 in Vienna, Austria. He once said that he knew at a very early age that transportation was in his future, since at the age of more >
  • Public Relations Committee Seeking Volunteers

    The Public Relations Committee is in full swing, with the issuance of a series of press releases and announcements, including Jonathan Upchurch receiving the District’s Lifetime Achievement Award. We are looking for a few people to assist with one of two functions: Regularly contacting a few sections, chapters and committees to find appropriate items more >