This award goes to the Western District scribe that provides the most valuable and regular Section reports to WesternITE over the year. In the past, prior to the web, the award was based upon cumulative inches of Section news produced for WesternITE. In 1997, the award was modified to also consider quality of content of Section reports as well as cumulative text contribution. The award is a traveling “fur lined pot” trophy established by Marty Bouman in 1958. Winners reflect the Western District boundary prior to the creation of the Rocky Mountain District after 2019. After 2019, this award was merged with the “Website Award” to form the new Communication Award.
Award Winner
2019 Phuong Nguyen San Diego Section
2018 Molly McCormick Oregon Section
2017 Colorado/Wyoming Section
2016 Arizona Section
2015 Danielle Fay and Sean Baski Alaska Section
2014 Danielle Fay and Erica Jensen Alaska Section
2013 Jeremy Jackson Oregon Section
2012 Northern California Section
2011 Leah Kelsey Idaho Chapter
2010 Karthik Murugesan Alaska Section
2009 John Dorado Southern California Section
2008 Andrew Kluter and Allen Huang San Francisco Bay Area Section
2007 Mike Bitner Central California Section
2006 Curtis Rowe Colorado/Wyoming Section
2005 Ray Chong Central Coast Section
2004 Cathy Leong Hawaii Section
2003 William A. Hange Colorado/Wyoming Section
2002 Cathy Leong Hawaii Section
2001 Craig Grandstrom Washington Section
2000 Lee Cabell Intermountain Section
1999 Bahman Janka Southern California Section
1998 Gary Costa California Border Section
1997 Erik Ruehr California Border Section
1996 Matthew Ridgway San Francisco Bay Area Section
1995 Matthew Ridgway San Francisco Bay Area Section
1994 Vaughn Lewis Oregon Section
1993 Wulf Grote Arizona Section
1992 John Castillo New Mexico Section
1991 Sergio Valdes & Allyn Rifkin Southern California Section
1990 Rick Pilgrim Colorado-Wyoming Section
1989 Frank Papscun Arizona Section
1988 Kevin Cummings & Lawrence Tai San Francisco Bay Area Section
1987 Beth Walukas San Francisco Bay Area Section
1986 Karen Pickett
1985 Paul Krupka San Francisco Bay Area Section
1984 Ronald Fuchiwaki Southern California Section
1983 John Soderling San Francisco Bay Area Section
1982 Tom Garibay
1981 Bruce Culver Washington Section
1980 Dick Folkers Northern California Section
1979 Bob Preston San Francisco Bay Area Section
1978 Richard Webb
1977 Ann Hansen San Francisco Bay Area Section
1976 Walter Laabs San Francisco Bay Area Section
1975 Pat Gibson Southern California Section
1974 Dave Barnhart Southern California Section
1973 Harry Skinner
1972 Wes Pringle Southern California Section
1971 Joe Speight Oregon Section
1970 Chris Kinzel San Francisco Bay Area Section
1969 Chuck De Leuw San Francisco Bay Area Section
1968 Herm Sinemus San Francisco Bay Area Section
1967 Stu Wright San Francisco Bay Area Section
1966 Don Frischer
1965 Ron Failmezger Oregon Section
1964 Bob Royer Oregon Section
1963 Al Krier
1962 Mart Kask Washington Section
1961 Glen Clark
1960 Willa Mylroie Washington Section
1959 Lou Kisseleff
1958 Dennis Peterson