Recognized the author(s) of a paper judged (by the WesternITE managing editor and technical editor) to be the best of those published by a Western District member in the WesternITE during the previous calendar year. This award was established in 1987 and first awarded in 1988.  The winning author received a plaque at the annual meeting.  This award was discontinued after 2010.
Award Winner
Paper Title
2010 William R. Loudon “Consideration of Congestion Pricing and Managed Lanes in Metropolitan Transportation Planning”
2009 Ahmed Aburahmah “City Engineer’s Work with Community for Safety, Traffic Flow, and Beautification in San Diego”
2008 James M. Whitty “Oregon’s Distance-based Road User Fee System: Meeting Road Revenue for the 21st Century” (May/June 2008)
2007 Robert Bertini, Kristin Tufte, Timothy Welch and Ransford McCourt “Transportation Gets Googled” (January/February 2006)
2006 Joseph A. Hart, Lawrence J. Corcoran and William C. Fox “Play Streets in Suburban Neighborhoods” (July/August 2005)
2005 Linda Crabill “San Jose Gets Street Smarts” (March/April 2005)
2004 Chris Behmer
Kent Kacir
David Noyce
Findings and Recommendations of NCHRP 3-54: Evaluation of Traffic Signal Displays for Protected/Permissive Left-Turn Control (July/August 2003 issue)
2003 Paul F. Brown & Kathyrn J. Harris School Access and Circulation: A Changing World
Rock Miller & George Dore
In-Pavement Flashing Crosswalks – The State of the Art
2001 John Fisher Vintage Traffic Control in Southern California
2000 Robert Rees All-Way Stop Sign Installation Criteria
1999 Victor Salemann Policy Based Capacity: Setting Limits to Achieve Community Vision – Could the Highway Capacity Manual Be Wrong?
1998 Chris Hoff Legal Issues Surrounding Photo-Radar Speed Enforcement
1997 Steven Colman Does residential density really reduce trip generation?
1996 John Merritt, Nancy Lyon Stadler Advanced Traffic Management Systems in Colorado Springs
1995 Glenn Grigg Newton, Einstein and Webster – Their Relationship to You
1994 Ed Cline The Kinder, Gentler Speed Bump
1993 Robert Crommelin When You Turn On, Should You Flash or Not?
1992 Herman Kimmel Review of the Enhanced At-Grade Intersection
1991 Nazir Lalani Magical Intersections
1990 Gerald Walters, John Peers The Service Level Ordinance as a Growth Management Tool
1989 Kristi Berg California Development Extractions – Judicial Limits and Current Practice
1988 Wolfgang HomburgerGerald Robbins The Stop Sign EpidemicIncreasing Bus Speed Through Improved Stop Spacing