Purpose: This award is to encourage and promote involvement of communicating to Members through the Internet via web sites. It recognizes the overall quality of Section web sites. It was started in 2002. After 2019, this award was merged with the “Windiest and Wisest Scribe in the West Award” to form the new Communication Award. Winners prior to 2020 reflect the Western District boundary prior to the creation of the Rocky Mountain District.
Web Page Administrator
2019 Oregon Section Sara Parks & Krista Purser
2018 San Diego Section Matthew Cox
2017 Washington Section James Le
2016 Intermountain Section Devin Moore
2015 Intermountain Section Devin Moore
2014 Washington Section
2013 Utah Chapter
2012 Northern California Section
2011 Alaska Section
2010 Colorado-Wyoming Section Duane Cleere
2009 New Mexico Section Eric Hawton
2008 Oregon Section Michael Tomasini
2007 Oregon Section Chris Monsere
2006 Hawaii Section Cathy Leong
2005 Colorado-Wyoming Section Edward Stafford
2004 Arizona Section Sylvia Mousseux
2003 Hawaii Section Jason Antonio
2002 Oregon Section Chris Monsere