This award recognizes the best technical paper published by a member of the Western District during the prior calendar year.  Prior to 2021, the District recognized the best technical paper published in the ITE Journal during the prior calendar year with the Wayne T. & Patricia VanWagoner Award.  In 2020, this award was transitioned into the Outstanding Technical Paper Award to broaden eligibility requirements and allow more papers to be submitted for consideration.  This award seeks to highlight an outstanding scholarly or technical paper and seeks submissions that have been published elsewhere. Examples might include paper published in the ITE Journal, Transportation Research Record, or ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering.  A special emphasis is placed on papers that are application centric or “practice ready”.  The winning author is recognized at the District’s Annual Meeting.

Submission Requirements:

  • Must be published in the prior calendar year (January 1st to December 31st) in a journal, conference compendium, or other technical forum;
  • Include one or more ITE Western District members as an author;
  • Be less than 20 pages in length; and
  • Be submitted by the author in PDF format

Scoring Guidelines:

  • Timeliness of Topic: How well does the paper address a topic of current concern for ITE’s community of transportation professionals?
  • Practice Readiness: Does the paper present information that is ready for immediate application by transportation professionals?
  • Significance of Contribution: How impactful is the presented research to transportation professionals and the communities they serve?
  • Narrative Quality: How clearly were the research methodology, analysis, and conclusions documented?
  • Contributions of Western District Members: Papers with a single author will be awarded full points. For papers with multiple authors, what is the level of authorship from Western District members? Bonus points may be awarded for papers which include Western District student chapter members.

Deadline: Papers due March 1st to the Technical Committee Chair

Award Winner
Paper Title
2023 Claude Strayer, Jessica Brinton, Reed Kempton, Peter Koonce, Rock Miller, Mike Sallaberry et al. ITE Bicycle Signals Resource Guide
Ziyuan Pu (M), Zhiyong Cui, Jinjun Tang, Shuo Wang, Yinhai Wang , and Yinhai Wang (M)
Multi-Modal Traffic Speed Monitoring: A Real-Time System Based on Passive Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Sensing Technology
David Hurwitz
Development and Evaluation of Temporary Traffic Control Devices for Unmanned Aerial System Operations
Ryan McClain
Evaluating Success: Complete Streets Before and After
Jianqing Wu
An Automatic Procedure for Vehicle Tracking with a Roadside LiDAR Sensor
Peter Koonce
Inclusion of Equity in an LED Citywide Street Lighting Replacement Program
Scott Kuznicki
Unlocking Human Behavior to Build a Better Transportation System
Jamie Mackey
Emerging Methods of Signal Timing Optimization
Rob Clayton, Jamie Mackey, and Mark Taylor
Helping Traffic Engineers Manage Data to Make Better Decisions
Peter Koonce
Changing the DNA of City Streets: NACTO’s Urban Street Design Guide and the New City Street Design Paradigm
Frederick Dock and Ellen Greenberg
Multimodal and Complete Streets Performance Measures in Pasadena, California
Robert Kahn
Roadway Striping as a Traffic Calming Option
Michael Cyencki and Kevin Chang
“Prioritizing Schools for Safe Routes to School Infrastructure Projects”
Steven Latoski
“Optical Speed Zone for Rural Two-Lane Highways”
2009 Xuan Wang “Evaluation of Lane-by-Lane Detection at Signalized Intersections Using Simulation”
2008 Venu Parimi “A Comparative Evaluation of the Safety Performance of Roundabouts and Traditional Intersection Controls”
2007 Frank Markowitz, Jack Lucero Fleck and Bond M. Yee “Pedestrian Countdown Signals: Experience with an Extensive Pilot Installation”
2006 Steven J. Brown Traffic Calming Practice Revisited
2005 Dr. Panos Prevedouros Reducing Congestion with Low-Clearance Underpasses at Urban Intersections: Investigation and Case Study
2004 Paul Box
Paul Basha
A Study of Accidents with Lead vs. Lag Left-Turn Phasing (May 2003 issue)
2003 Nathan M. Larson Signalized Intersection Delay Estimation: Case Study Comparison of TRANSYT-7F, Synchro and HCS – ITE Journal March, 2002
John T. Gard
Estimation of Maximum Queue Lengths at Unsignalized Intersections
2001 Patrick Tomcheck, Thomas Jones Pedestrian Accidents in Marked and Unmarked Crosswalks: A Quantitative Study
2000 Dr. Edward Neumann Las Vegas- A Showcase for Automated People Mover Technology
1999 Dr. Gary Thomas, Dr. Jonathan Upchurch Effect of Non-Optimal Cycle Lengths and Traffic Volumes on Progression
1998 Michael Coleman, Crysttal Atkins The Influence of Traffic Calming on Emergency Response Times
1997 Nancy Nihan Predicting the 24-Hour Delay at Signalized Intersections
1996 Richard Perez Guidelines for Right-Turn Treatments at Signalized Intersections
1995 Kenneth Ackeret Criteria for the Geometric Design of Triple Left Turn Lanes
1994 Ed Rowe IVHS – Making it Work, Pulling It Together
1993 James Sparks, Michael Cynecki A Study of Two-way Left Turn Lane Pavement Marking
1992 James Pline Reinforcing the Cornerstone of ITE: A Revitalized Look at Traffic Safety
1991 James Heimann Effect of Driveway Traffic on Saturation Flow Rates at Signalized Intersections
1990 John Tobin Volume to Capacity Ratios of an Actuated Phase at Semi-Actuated Signals
1989 Robert Shanteau Using Cumulative Curves to Measure Saturation Flow and Lost Time
1988 Gregory Henk E-470: Colorado’s Public/Private Toll Road
1987 Wayne Kittelson, Keith Lawton Evaluation of Shopping Center Trip Types
1986 Nazir Lalani How Long Should a Safe Pedestrian Clearance Be?
1985 Donald Howery, Ed Rowe Transportation for the 1984 Summer Olympics
1984 Martin Inouye Sacramento County Neighborhood Speed Control Study
1981 William Marconi Anatomy of a Failure
1980 George Parmenter, Richard Swan

*Prior to 2021, the award was named the Wayne T. & Patricia VanWagoner Award.  In 1987, the VanWagoner family endowed the award in memory of Wayne VanWagoner, an active member and WesternITE Editor from 1980 to 1984. Wayne passed away in an auto accident in Utah in October 1985. His wife, Patricia, continued to serve as the WesternITE Editor from 1984 to 1990. In 2017, the award was renamed to honor both Wayne and his wife Patricia.