The Western District Outstanding Transportation Educator Award recognizes an individual who demonstrates extraordinary creativity in teaching, takes exceptional measures to spark student interest in the transportation profession, provides unwavering encouragement for student endeavors, or shows unequaled service to ITE in the past year.

If you would like to nominate an educator: (1) complete the nomination form, (2) attach a narrative, no more than two pages in length, addressing their contributions in the areas of teaching, research and ITE service (use the questions on the nomination form), and (3) return the nomination to the Career Guidance Chair. A panel composed of the previous year’s winner, the Western District past president, and the Career Guidance Committee Chair will select the winner. The winner will be recognized at the Western District Annual Meeting and receive a plaque commemorating the award.

Outstanding Transportation Educator Award Nomination Form

  • Deadline: Nominations due April 15th to the Career Guidance Committee Chair
  • Winners prior to 2020 reflect the Western District boundary prior to the creation of the Rocky Mountain District.
Award Winner
2023 Dr. Roxana Javid, University of Southern California
2022 Paul Valadão, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
2021 Dr. Masoud Ghodrat Abadi, California State University, Sacramento
2020 Dr. Chris Monsere, Portland State University
2019 Dr. Rhonda Young, Gonzaga University
2018 Dr. David Hurwitz, Oregon State University
2017 Xiaoyue “Cathy” Liu, University of Utah
2016 Dr. Kevin Chang, University of Idaho
2015 Dr. Roger Lindgren, Oregon Institute of Technology
2014 Eugene Jud, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
2013 Eric Shen, University of Southern California
2012 none
2011 none
2010 none
2009 Grant Schultz, Brigham Young University
2008 Patrick Gibson, Fehr and Peers
2007 none
2006 Dr. Robert Bertini, Portland State University
2005 none
2004 Peter Clark, Cal Poly Pomona
2003 Dr. Shashi S. Nambisan, P.E. – University of Nevada, Las Vegas
2002 Dr. Jodi Carson – Montana State University