The Western District Lifetime Achievement Award is considered the District’s highest recognition of professional accomplishment and outstanding services in the interest of Western District. It is designed to honor members of Western District who, as active or retired members in good standing of Western District, have accomplished significant achievements over a period of not less than 20 years that have benefited the membership of Western District, ITE as an organization, and the profession of transportation engineering and/or planning. The award winner is presented with a plaque at the Western District Annual Meeting describing their accomplishments. The current Past President chairs a committee that reviews the annual nominations for the Lifetime Achievement Award in the winter.

A Nomination form can be submitted to the Nomination Committee in the fall and the Selection Process is completed in the winter.

Year Award Winner
2023 Walter Okitsu
2022 Jim Hanks
2021 Dalene J. Whitlock
2020 Ken Ackeret and John Fisher
2019 Zaki Mustafa
2018 Rock Miller
2017 Ransford S. McCourt
2016 Steven B. Colman
2015 Patricia B. Noyes
2014 Timothy Harpst
2013 James W. Sparks
Paul C. Box (given Posthumously)
2012 Jonathan Upchurch
2011 Nazir Lalani
2010 Adolf D. May
William Marconi (given Posthumously)
2009 Ethlyn Ann Hansen
2008 Wolfgang S. Homburger
Eugene “Gene” Wilson
2007 Harry Parker
Gary Tsutsumi
2006 Hank Mohle
Jerry Hall
2005 Edward L. Cline
Martin J. Bouman
2004 Wes Pringle
2003 Willa Wilcox-Mylroie
Robert Crommelin
James L. Pline