The highest recognition of notable and outstanding professional achievement presented by ITE is election to Honorary Membership.

  • Robert Wilcox Crommelin, P.E., PTOE
  • Ethlyn Ann Hansen, P.E.
  • Adolf D. May, Jr.
  • James L. Pline, P.E., PTOE
  • Weston S. Pringle, Jr., P.E., PTOE
  • Eugene M. Wilson, P.E., PTOE

Deceased Western District Honorary Members

  • F. Bruce Crandall
  • Wolfgang S. Homburger, P.E.
  • James H. Kell
  • Ellis L. Mathes
  • Willa Wilcox Mylroie, P.E.
  • Richard T. Romer
  • Ross T. Shoaf, P.E.