The following are the papers submitted and presentations given at the 2020 Western District Virtual Annual Meeting.

Professional Development Hours (PDHs): Instructions to process PDH’s are located here.

Session Presenter Title Paper Presentation
1 Kayla Fleskes Planning for Microtransit: A Community’s Solution to Increased Congestion PDF
Daniel Lai City of Bellevue Curb Management – A Collaborative Pilot Project PDF
Ravi Narayanan Managing TNC’s at Transportation Hubs PDF
2 Min Zhou Performance Measures for the 10-Mile Bike Boulevard Implemented in City of Long Beach PDF
Rosie Mesterhazy Safe Routes to School: A Blueprint for Transforming Transportation PDF
Ryan Whipple Active Transportation Design Through a Multimodal Environment – Border to Bayshore Bikeway PDF
3 Ann Winkler Tips and Trick for Conducting Public Meetings PDF
Molly North Understanding the Role of the Media in the Road Safety Feedback Loop for Transportation Engineers PDF
Scott Mansur When Data Driven Safety Analysis and Community Involvement Merge, We Can Really Save Lives PDF
4 ITE International Session
(recorded session)
5 Heather Anderson Steepening the Curve – Roundabouts on Grade PDF
Eric Milliken A Study of Local Gap Acceptance Behavior Using Drone Videography PDF PDF
LisaRene Schilperoort There’s a signal in my roundabout! – Roundabout Metering PDF
6 David Lucas Tempe Streetcar Project PDF
Tony Henderson Speeding Up Transit Does Not Require BRT PDF
Randy Johnson Prioritizing a Multimodal Transportation System: Cost-Effective Transit Projects in Portland, OR PDF
8 Rhonda Young Connected Vehicle Technology for Adverse Road Weather Conditions PDF
Kevin Chen Resilient State Route 37 PDF
Victor Salemann Road Safety and Aging Populations PDF
9 Melissa May Better Communities through Transportation Planning: Strategies for Equity and Empowerment PDF
Maria Angelica Deeb Equity in Active Vehicle Transportation Programs and Projects – the need to measure and do it well. PDF PDF
Paul Stanis uilding Community Trust IS The Project PDF
10 Lindsay Saner School Trip Generation in Southern Nevada PDF
Cameron Shew Dynamic Implementation Tool for Flexible Mitigation Strategy PDF PDF
Farid Rahman Travel Time Reliability as a Performance Measure in Alternative Selection PDF
11 Vamsee Modugula Self-Updating Travel Demand Model – Is it Possible in the Era of Location Based Data? PDF
Mahmoud Ahmadi West San Jose Mesocopic Model – Development and Application PDF
Chris Gregerson When Travel Demand Models Behave Badly PDF
12 Michael Sahimi Balancing Regional and Local Needs: The Orange County Master Plan of Arterial Highways Assessment PDF
Sam Moss An Evaluation of Corridor Wide Coordinated Flow Control for 22 Miles Along a Mountain Highway PDF
Josh Anderson Making the Most of a Capacity Constricted Metro Area Freeway System PDF
14 Erik Ruehr Planning Level Roadway Capacity Analysis Adjustments for Connected and Automated Vehicles: The Future is Now PDF
Susi Marlina Wrong Way Driving Detection Proof of Concept PDF
Joshua McNeill Corridor Performance Strategy with ATSPM PDF
15 Abby Caringula Multi-Resolution Modeling to Evaluate Express Lane Pricing Strategies PDF
Zifeng Wu A Preliminary Managed Lane Feasibility Study for North Lake Tahoe Corridors PDF
Scott O. Kuznicki Using Gamification to Drive Transportation Choices PDF
17 Lauren Davini Parking in East San Rafael – A Symptom of the Housing Crisis PDF
Jeff Weckstein Frictionless Parking and Technology Trends PDF
Jennifer Wong San Francisco’s Quick-Build Initiative for Vision Zero Project Delivery PDF
18 Renee Espiau Achieving Complete Streets through Roadway Resurfacing and Rehabilitation PDF
Chris Monsere Effects of Island & RRFB Placement on Midblock Driver Yielding on Three-Lane Roads PDF
Susan LeBrun Complete Streets Applications in Honolulu: Making Liliha Street and Nuuanu Avenue More Multimodal PDF PDF
19 Tim Erney Using Big Data to Validate VMT Estimates for Land Use Planning PDF
Mike Schmitt Vehicle Miles Traveled: Winners and Losers PDF
Ian Barnes Navigating Transformative Change: Lessons Learned from SB 743/VMT Implementation in California PDF
20 Fred Liang Bellevue Integration Dashboard for Traffic Incident Management PDF PDF
Victoria Edington Could Construction Cause Consternation? Utilizing Vissim to Assess Construction Impacts PDF PDF
Kevan Shafizadeh Evaluating Work Zone Intrusion Alarm Systems for Inclusion in Standard Traffic Control Plans PDF
21 James Le 5 years into Vision Zero in Seattle PDF
Rock Miller Crosswalk Safety 20 Years Later. Whats working & What isn’t PDF
Michael Packard Evaluation of Uncontrolled Pedestrian Crosswalk Guidelines PDF
22 Jerry Roche Incorporating Data-Driven Safety Analysis (DDSA) Into Transportation Impact Analysis PDF
Emily Johanning Crash Data For All: A Look into State-Run Safety Data Management Platforms PDF PDF
David Stanek Is Wider Safer? – Collision Rates for Three and Five Lane Rural Highways PDF
Best Student Paper Sara Urbina Influence of Autonomous Vehicles on Travel Behavior of 50+ Years Population PDF