490 Mendocino Ave #201, Santa Rosa, CA 95401
414 13th Street, 5th Floor, Oakland, CA 94612

Services: Bicycle & Pedestrian, Expert Witness, Parking, Roadway & Traffic Design, Traffic Engineering, Transportation Planning


W-Trans provides traffic engineering and transportation planning services that emphasize mobility within available resources and help transform streets to serve all potential users. We are particularly skilled in retrofitting streets and roads to make walking, bicycling and transit use safer and more convenient while also appropriately managing vehicle traffic.

Our staff have applied their skills to a variety of projects ranging from traffic operation analyses, traffic collision reduction programs, transportation facilities design including traffic signal and roundabout design to downtown revitalization, streetscape planning efforts and complete street projects. We take a holistic approach to traffic engineering, realizing that solutions cannot be developed in a vacuum or strictly follow the standards of the past. Traffic analysis and design must be sensitive to the context of the surrounding land use and community goals to be successful.

Our strength and focus are on balancing the technical needs and functionality of traffic with the desire of communities to create more livable streets and sustainable transportation systems.

W-Trans Service Areas • Bicycle Facilities • Complete Streets • Municipal Staff Services • Parking • Pedestrian Safety and Design • Roundabouts • Safe Routes to School • Traffic Calming • Traffic Engineering Design • Traffic Impacts • Traffic Operations • Traffic Safety • Transportation Demand Management • Trip Generation Rate Development • VMT Impacts

W-Trans was established in 1995 by Dalene Whitlock and Steve Weinberger. W-Trans opened its Oakland office in 2011 with Mark Spencer as the Branch Manager. W-Trans is an employee-owned company with over 85 percent of current employees having ownership. W-Trans is certified as a woman-owned business (DBE) by the California Department of Transportation.

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