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  • Student Endowment Fund Spotlight: Jul/Aug

    The July-Aug spotlight is written by Victor Ling, President of the Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) Student Chapter.  The CPP student chapter has made a concerted effort to attend District Annual Meetings where they have benefitted from some of the Student Initiatives for which the Endowment Fund was created to support.  Each year, the Chapter more >
  • President’s Message: Moving Forward- Summer Time!

    Monica M. Suter Moving Forward—Summer Time ! As summer unfolds, I thank our members for the honor to serve as your President.   The highlights have been interacting with members throughout the Western District,      recognizing 16 volunteers through Presidential Proclamations, presenting awards at the annual meeting, and sharing tools on how we can enhance our more >
  • ITE 2009 March International Board of Direction Meeting

    Highlights for WesternITE Newsletter By Randy McCourt International Board Advances Energy, Environment and Economy to Mega Issue The International Board of Direction met on March 20 and 21 in Phoenix, AZ in association with the Technical Conference.  With the stimulus approval fresh in everyone’s minds and the pending transportation funding authorization forthcoming in the more >
  • ITE 2009 Annual Meeting and Exhibit August 9-12, 2009

    We would like to extend an invitation for you to attend the Institute of Transportation Engineers 2009 Annual Meeting and Exhibit in San Antonio, TX, USA, August 9–12, 2009. This year’s meeting is chock full of opportunities to meet and network with peers, vendors and influential industry leaders
  • Student Chapter Spotlight: Montana State

    Whether it is some of the world’s best fly fishing rivers, the snowy blizzards in May, or Montana State’s student ITE chapter that brings you to Bozeman, Montana, we are glad to call it our home.
  • 2009 Inter Mountain Meeting Highlights

    From May 14-16, 2009 the Intermountain Section of ITE hosted its 49th Annual Meeting in Jackson, Wyoming.  With attendance approaching 130 members, the Section was pleased with the turnout considering the tough economic climate.  A strong technical program provided the foundation for the meeting and covered varying topics including: sustainability, public participation and buy-in, more >
  • Bicycle Facilities in San Francisco

    Oliver Gajda, SFMTA Bicycle Program Manager Mike Sallaberry, PE, SFMTA Traffic Calming With a majority of trips in the US under 3 miles long (about 20 minutes by bike) and with the growing interest in sustainable and low impact systems, public health, the strained environment, and efficient transportation the bicycle is becoming increasingly popular more >
  • District 6 Candidates for Office

    The following slate of candidates for District officers was approved at the mid-year Board meeting held on February 6, 2009: President: Michael Sanderson Vice President: Edgar Perez Secretary-Treasurer: Alyssa Reynolds,  Scott L. Thorson International Director: Larry Wymer,  Dalene J. Whitlock Statements for each of these individuals are presented in this issue.
  • President’s Message: Moving Forward-Spring Is Here

    Monica M. Suter With spring here, let’s move forward toward positive signs of economic recovery.  Although remaining economic “humps” rest in the road, a portion of the vast market deflation appears to be based in fear and a lack of trust about portions of the system.   If key issues can be addressed (sooner than more >