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  • Check out the ITE Photo Album!

    Looking for a photo starring yourself from a recent meeting? Want to see the pictures taken at a meeting or event you could not attend? Chances are, if either Ken or Zaki was there, that plenty of photos were taken and have been uploaded to our online photo album click here. This photo album more >
  • Student Chapter Spotlight: Sacramento State / Cal Poly Pomona

    The May-June spotlight is written by the Northern California Section which has been utilizing innovative fundraising methods over the last two years to generate excitement about the Student Endowment Fund in their section.  In 2008, they raised over $5000 for the Endowment Fund and received an award for the Highest Overall Contribution to the more >
  • Traffic Engineering Exam Prep Classes Offered

    By Walter Okitsu, PE ITE Western District Licensing & Certification Chair Two courses are being offered to help those of you preparing for the California Traffic Engineering PE examination scheduled for October 23, 2009. 
  • The Adobe Tower: Interesting Items about the Interstate System

    by Jerry Hall and Loretta Hall In one sense, the Interstate System is small. Roughly 2.5 percent of the public road mileage in the United States is eligible for federal-aid highway funding, and the Interstate System represents only 4.8 percent of those eligible roads. In most senses, though, the Interstate System is impressively large. more >
  • Section and Chapter Spotlight

    Riverside San Bernardino Section The Riverside San Bernardino Section (RSBITE) has been a regular contributor to the Student Endowment Fund and has consistently supported efforts in this regard. We feel proud that our chapter is the front runner for the Student Endowment Fund Award this year. Our chapter also encourages student members to participate more >
  • Walk and Don’t Look Back: Enhanced Crosswalk Treatments

    By Chris Sheffer, P.E. Municipalities across the nation and world are facing the challenges of providing safe pedestrian crossings in an increasingly complex urban environment.  Some of these challenges are manifested in providing pedestrian visibility and priority within a mid block crosswalk.  Several cities, such as Salt Lake City, are experimenting with newer crossing more >
  • Student Endowment Fund Spotlight: Jul/Aug

    The July-Aug spotlight is written by Victor Ling, President of the Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) Student Chapter.  The CPP student chapter has made a concerted effort to attend District Annual Meetings where they have benefitted from some of the Student Initiatives for which the Endowment Fund was created to support.  Each year, the Chapter more >
  • President’s Message: Moving Forward- Summer Time!

    Monica M. Suter Moving Forward—Summer Time ! As summer unfolds, I thank our members for the honor to serve as your President.   The highlights have been interacting with members throughout the Western District,      recognizing 16 volunteers through Presidential Proclamations, presenting awards at the annual meeting, and sharing tools on how we can enhance our more >