Western ITE Annual Meeting Special Edition

Thank you for joining us at the ITE Western District Annual Meeting in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska!

We are sure that during your time here you learned, shared, performed, and had fun. Among the most important reasons for coming together each year are reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances, and meeting new ones.We hope you took the time to say hello to everyone around you and that you participated in the activities planned for you and your family.

During this past year, we have maintained strong membership levels, managed changes in leadership, and have continued to provide the levels of service you have come to expect from the Western District. Thank you for your leadership, your continued service, and your continued commitment to ITE at the local levels.

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Personally, I was thrilled to meet so many of you during my visits, and I must truly say that you are great! It was an honor to be your guest at many of your section and chapter meetings, and I have benefited by learning from your examples of leadership and service.

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We extend our thanks to Anne Brooks and Joann Mitchell for a job well done as LAC Chairs, and to the rest of the LAC members for their countless hours of unselfish service. Thanks for the quality of the facilities, and for making the meeting affordable, informative and fun.

We also thank the sponsors, vendors and the many other volunteers that made this annual event possible. Work hard, love your family, take care of your friends and be kind to yourself.

– Edgar Perez

Editor’s Note: Farewell Edgar

At the Annual Meeting, Edgar announced that as part of his career, he and his family will be moving to a small country near Saudi Arabia. The Perez family will be departing within the next two weeks.  Of course, this means that Edgar will not be able to serve as our Past President this following year, but Edgar will be missed for more reasons than this. We have all become accustomed to his calm demeanor in the face of challenge, strong leadership abilities, and welcoming smile.  During his farewell address, Edgar noted that he considered ITE as a branch of his family. Edgar, we will continue to remember you as a member of the Western District family, and look forward to seeing you again.

-Nathan Mustafa