Western District Transition Plan

The Western District One ITE Task Force has been working on a Transition Plan to address the establishment of the redefined Western District and the Mountain District as directed by the International Board of Direction (IBOD).  After months of coordination with the leadership from the future Mountain District, we are happy to share the Western District Proposal for Transition with our members that was approved by the District Board in January.  It should be noted that the Mountain District is currently preparing a companion document that will be shared with their members.  The major points of the proposal are summarized below:

  • District Governance – A transition plan for officers was previously shared with members and the plan included in the proposal has not changed significantly
  • Student Endowment Fund – The proposal includes the basis for splitting the Student Endowment Fund between the 2 Districts. The Task Force considered several options for establishing these splits and decided to either select the distribution of contributors or distribution of student members as the basis.  Once the contributions from the Annual Meetings and the District were removed, the split between those two options was almost the same so the proposal uses the distribution of student members over a period of years as the basis.
  • Other Assets of the Western District – Similar to the Transition Plan for the Midwestern/Great Lakes Districts, the proposal uses the distribution of voting members averaged over a period of years as the basis.

The Task Force will continue to work on transition issues for the redefined Western District as this transition proposal advances to the IBOD in April for them to act upon at their May 2019 meeting in New Haven, Connecticut, during the Northeastern District Annual Meeting.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me (Neelam Dorman).