Upcoming Western District One ITE Task Force Meetings (Updated)

The Western District One ITE Task Force was formed in June 2018 to examine the implications of ITE International’s One ITE initiative.  Our goal is to work with ITE International’s One ITE Task Force, provide guidance and information, and assist Sections and Chapters with their desired next steps.   The Western District One ITE Task Force has scheduled meetings with all of the District’s Sections and will provide information from ITE International on One ITE, present pertinent information from the District’s perspective, and answer questions members may have. Our goal is make sure that all Sections and Chapters have as much information as possible to make an informed decision.  Please see your local Section/Chapter’s meeting flyers for more information.  The following is the current schedule of our planned meetings:

Prior to August 15 Central California Section & Colorado-Wyoming Section
August 29 Hawaii Section & potential Southern Colorado Chapter
September 6 New Mexico Section & Northern California Section
September 10&11 Idaho Chapter (Intermountain Section)
September 11 Utah Chapter (Intermountain Section)
September 13 Riverside-San Bernardino Section & Alaska Section
September 18 Central Coast Section
September 19 Oregon Section & Southern California Section
September 20 Nevada Chapter (Intermountain Section) & San Diego Section
September 24 Washington Section & Montana Chapter (Intermountain Section)
September 25 SF Bay Area (revised)
September 27 Arizona Section