Unspeakable Truths: Is Transforming Transportation A Key To Solving America’s Economic Crisis?

Taken From, Transportation Communications Newsletter:

In his fourth book in four years, Professor Joseph M. Giglio argues that our thinking about Transforming Transportation in America must evolve to reflect how the Financial Meltdown and Economic Crisis have changed our world.

To help understand why, his book begins by reviewing how the Current Economic Crisis came about and what impact it’s likely to have on life in America.  He provides clear, detailed explanations of the Great Financial Meltdown of 2008, the whys and wherefores of subjects like Oil Price Volatility, the Crazy World of Financial Derivatives, and the Housing and Mortgage Mess. Plus the down-and-dirty realities of Markets in the 21st Century.  Finally, he explores some of the things we’ll have to do to Make It Big in the much changed world of the 21st Century, such as transforming our Transportation Systems into Serious Economic Growth Generators.  The book is available on Amazon and from the publisher, the Hudson Institute.