University of Washington Professional and Continuing Education -Environment and Sustainability

University of Washington Professional & Continuing Education -Environment and Sustainability

www.pce.uw.eduCertificate in Sustainable Transportation: Environmental Issues and Impacts (online) – New

Examine the relationship between transportation and the environment, including energy, climate change, air pollution and water quality. Develop tools, such as life cycle assessment, that will help you understand the full range of environmental impacts associated with transportation decisions. Learn to conduct environmental evaluations with a variety of analytical tools, such as travel demand forecasting and air and water quality modeling. Start this fall . Available for both graduate credit and noncredit. For more info visit or call 888-469-6499.

Certificate in Sustainable Transportation: Planning and Livable Communities (online)
Understand the important issues involved in sustainable transportation planning. Review policies and programs that encourage mixed use and higher density levels designed to promote transportation modes other than the single occupancy vehicle. Study the impact that transportation options have on the quality of service, the environment and sustainability. Explore the movement of goods, various freight options and the strategies for making them more sustainable. Learn about the legal and legislative issues surrounding sustainable transportation policy. Start this fall. Available for both graduate credit and noncredit. Start this fall. Visit or call 888-469-6499.