The following are the papers submitted and presentations given at the 2018 Western District Annual meeting in Keystone, Colorado. Please see the Technical Session Program for descriptions of the papers/presentations. If your paper or presentation is missing, and you would like to have it posted here, please contact the Web Manager.

Session Presenter Title Paper Presentation
1B Erik Guderian Road Diet for Multimodal Use: The City of Mesa Experience PDF
Paul Van Dyk Right of Way(t) Watchers – The Popular Way to Diet Your Roads: How Long Beach is Earning Support for Road Diets in the Car Culture of Southern California PDF
Nancy Lambertson Linking Lookout: US 6 & 19th Street Interchange PDF
Gary Schatz Transforming South Congress in Austin, Texas PDF
1C Jeanne Bowie Adapting Roadside Safety Analysis Program for Localized Conditions in Alaska PDF
Lingling Yang A New Concept Design of Directional Rumble Strips for Deterring Wrong-Way Freeway Entries PDF
Rachael Larson Modeling Crash Probabilities in Snow Fences: Affected Mountainous Freeway Segments Using Real-Time Weather Data PDF
Sherif M Gaweesh Investigating Factor Influencing Crash Severity for Heavy Trucks on Rural Mountainous Interstate Roads: A Case Study on I-80 in Wyoming PDF
1D Teresa Tapia Using Big Data to Solve Special Challenges with VMT Generation Estimates for California’s SB 743
Sagar Onta How Big Data Unleashed Latent Multimodal Trip Demand
Cynthia Albright Multimodal Planning at the Cellular Level PDF
Sumeet Kishnani Innovative Applications of Big Data to Make More Informed Transportation Policy Decisions PDF
2B Bill Hange Loveland Modern Roundabouts: 20 Year History PDF
Nazir Lalani Fixing Broken Roundabouts PDF
Evgeniya Tyson Practical Approach to Roundabout Design vs. Traditional Intersection Design PDF
Kamesh Vedula and Mark Johnson Park Ave. (SH9) Complete Streets Corridor in the Town of Breckenridge, Colorado PDF
2C Jake Kononov & Colleen Guillotte How Effective are Safety Improvement Projects in Colorado? PDF
Robert E Maki Safety and Operational Impact of Median Left Turns PDF
Upal Barua Effectiveness of Transportation Safety Improvement Projects in Austin, Texas PDF PDF
Melisa Finley Mitigating Wrong-Way Driving PDF
2D Curt Thye Using Big Data to Understand Special Generators: The Broncos vs. The Cowboys PDF
Scott Pitera CDOT RoadX SMART 25 Managed Motorways Demonstration Project PDF
Lacey Atkins Successfully Implementing Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) PDF
Zach Bosch Installation of Rancho Cordova’s Citywide Intelligent Transportation System: Lessons Learned PDF
3B Joseph Perrin Multi-Lane US Roundabouts vs. European Turbo Roundabouts PDF
Randy Johnson Are Multi-Lane Roundabouts a Safe and Effective Innovative Intersection Treatment PDF
Randy Dittberner The “Instant” Roundabout PDF
Mark Johnson How to Integrate People and Place with Roundabouts: A Success Story
3C Lee Austin Beyond the RRFB: Pedestrian Refuge Islands for Uncontrolled Crosswalks PDF
David Hurwitz Safer Protected / Permitted Right-Turn Phasing for Drivers, Bicyclists, and Pedestrians PDF
Michael George Alston Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety at Alternative Intersections and Interchanges PDF
Kay Fitzpatrick Vehicle Speed in Presence of Bicycles PDF
3D Lawrence Liao Assessing Impacts of CV/AV Technologies on Systemwide Performance Measures PDF
Erik Ruehr Roadway Capacity Implications of Connected and Automated Vehicles PDF
Andrew Vidor Parking Planning and Designing for AVs PDF
Rachel Ackermann Planning for Autonomous Vehicles in the Smart City: Addressing Problems and Promise PDF
Tyler Svitak How CDOT is Scaling CAV’s to Solve Real Problems PDF
4B Brendan Russo Pedestrian Behavior at Signalized Intersection Crosswalks: An Observational Study of Factors Associated with Distracted Walking, Pedestrian Violations, and Walking Speed PDF
Kevin Chang Student Pedestrian Walking Speeds at Crosswalks Near Schools PDF
Norman Hogue Let’s Walk! Using GIS & Traffic Engineering to Help Fort Worth’s Safe Routes to Schools Program PDF
Wesley Dismore Safety in Numbers: Developing Simple and Straightforward Guidelines for When and Where to Install Uncontrolled Pedestrian Crossings in the Suburbs PDF
4C Jena Prescott Exploring the Role of Marijuana Legalization on Fatal Crashes in the United States: FARS Analysis PDF
Robert Wunderlich The In’s and Out’s and Up’s and Down’s of Traffic Fatalities PDF
Allie Axley Colorado’s First TIM Track PDF
Gordon Lum How Effective Are Safety Projects (i.e., Signalization, Installing Left Turn Phasing or Adding a Lane)? PDF
4D Teresa Tapia The Data Smart Cities Need: Using “Big” Mobile Device Data to Understand O-D Patterns in Oakland PDF
Tom Hartmann Enhancing Analysis with Probe-Based Data PDF
Kirk Houser City of Dallas Cloud-Based Central Management System Opens Doors for Information Sharing PDF
Farinoush Sharif Examining Travelers Who Pay to Drive Slower in the Katy Managed Lanes PDF
5A Joanna Liu Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPM) in the City of Dublin, CA: What Agencies Can Accomplish PDF
Nitin Deshpande Implementing Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs): CDOT’s Experience PDF
Christopher Sobie Applications of ATSPM Deployment in Albuquerque, New Mexico PDF
James Robertson Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs), Making Decisions and Demonstrating Value PDF
5B Alicia Zimmerman If Bikeways Could Talk: Measuring the Success of Denver’s Protected Bikeways PDF
Joseph Totten Bikeshare and Transit: A State of the Practice in this Promising Union
Sagar Onta AASHTO’s “Green Book for Bikes”: What to Expect from North America’s Most Detailed and Comprehensive Facility Design Guide PDF
Matt Zinn Bike Detection Utilizing Inductive Loops
5C Jonathan Hofert and Jay Dinkins Street Running Light Rail and Traffic Operations (Metro Expo Line) PDF
Mohan Atluri Implementing Houston’s First BRT System
Srinivasa Sunkari Revisions to TxDOT’s Guide for Determining Time Requirements for Traffic Signal Preemption at Highway-Rail Grade Crossings PDF
Tony Henderson Transportation Engineering Support of Transit Operations PDF
5D Scott Thomas Smart 70 V2X Connected Vehicle Ecosystem PDF
Jianqing Wu An Automatic Procedure for Vehicle Tracking with a Roadside LiDAR Sensor PDF
Scott Pitera Keeping Up with the Rapid Evolution of CAV PDF
Camilla Dartnell Getting There: The Transition to Autonomous, Electric, and Ride-sourcing Vehicle Technologies and What We Can Do to Ensure Positive Effects on Our Communities PDF
6A Matthew Tennent CDOT Signal Phase & Timing Deployment PDF
Ali Mozdbar Managing Signals, Managing Expectation PDF
Matt Duncan Are Your Flashing Yellow Arrow Turn Signals Lipstick on a Pig? PDF
Gerry deCamp Advanced Signal Sequencing Techniques to Accommodate Long Pedestrian Timings PDF
Jim Fox Implementing Technology to Increase the Operational Capabilities of the Denver Traffic Management Center PDF
6B Randy McCourt Impacts of TNCs on Mode Share at Airports PDF
Reddy Edulakanti Houston Ports: Freight Mobility Planning PDF
Erik Ruehr From LOS to VMT: An Update on California’s SB 743 Legislation PDF
Erin Eurek ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan PDF
6C Christa Greene How Do You Solve the Unsolvable Problem?: Innovative Designs in Urban Areas PDF
Joan Lim Congestion Busting with Big Data Analytics: A New Approach
Kenneth Ryan Message from the Genie in a Bottle[neck]: A Before/After Review of 3 Bottleneck Reduction Projects PDF
Jason Crawford Texas SH 161 Hard Shoulder Running Experience PDF
6D Matt Sneed Performance Measures at TxDOT PDF
Lisa Young LA Metro’s Arterial Performance Measures Framework PDF
Allie Axley Holistic Approach to Project Development through the TSMO Evaluation PDF
Ryan Saville Expanding the Capabilities of Your Traffic Signal Management System by Centralizing Emergency Vehicle Preemption Management PDF
7A Tracy Scriba Institutionalizing the Next Generation of Transportation Operations Strategies PDF
Richard Gamble Performance Measures for Evaluating Corridor Progression PDF
Maria Vyas Application of Innovative Performance Metrics for Corridor Planning
Sal Akhter Cutting Back Cut-through Trips in Fremont, California: Measuring the Impact of Signal Time Changes PDF
7B Grant Schultz Analysis of Access Category Guidelines in Utah PDF
Jonathan Upchurch August 21 Total Solar Eclipse: A Special Event with Traffic Congestion Coast to Coast
Dale Grove More than a Bridge: The Challenges in Developing an International Border Crossing Project PDF
James Parkhill Balancing the Diverse Needs of Communities to Improve Regional Connectivity in Denver, Colorado PDF
7C Shane Binder State of the Practice in Accommodating Pedestrians and Cyclists through Work Zones PDF
John Habermann Use of a Comparative Travel Time (CTT) System as a New Work Zone Intelligent Transportation System Solution PDF
Jason Crawford #KnowBeforeYouGo: Keeping the Public and Local Stakeholders Informed of Work Zone Traffic Impacts through Active Communications PDF
Gerald Ullman Improving Large Truck Safety in Work Zones PDF
7D Thomas Gaul Measuring the Miles:
Developing New Metrics for
Vehicle Travel in Los Angeles
Karl Rothermel Data Collection: How Much is Enough? PDF
Ken Brubaker Using GIS for Asset Management and Performance Measurement of Facilities for Non-Motorized Users PDF
Anusha Musunuru Estimation of Freeway Traffic Congestion Using Probe Vehicle Data: A Case Study in Santa Clara County PDF
8A Cody Stone Active Traffic Management System Microsimulation Modeling for I-69 Concept of Operations PDF
Victoria Edington Signal Control Versatility in Microsimulation Modelling PDF
David Stanek Simulating Autonomous Vehicles in a Congested Freeway and Arterial Network PDF
Henry Hammel Behavioral Modeling and Understanding New Modes PDF
8B Gary Schatz Establishing the Downtown Bryan Railroad Quiet Zone PDF
Frank Penry and Shawn O’Keefe Redwood & Grant Transit Hub in Novato, California PDF
Krista Marie Purser Data-Driven Transit Planning in Rural Oregon: Bringing Access to All PDF
Jonathan Dong Seattle’s First Hill Streetcar – Challenges of Operating a Streetcar Through a Fast Growing City PDF
8C Devin Moore Elevating Rural Road Safety: the Local Road Safety Plan PDF
Daniel Hennessey Small Data: Local Trip Generation Data and Developing a Better Model PDF
Shea Suski The Cost of Oil: Transportation Impacts of Oil & Gas Development PDF
Sheida Khademi Connecting Engineers and the Community: Collaborating with Social Workers to Identify Community-Based Transportation Needs PDF
8D Lisa Truong Nguyen Virtual Reality: A Lens of Opportunity PDF
Olivia Brey Breaking Barriers to Deploy Emerging Technology PDF
Beverly Kuhn ITE and Smart Communities: Plans for 2018 and Beyond PDF
Rhonda Young Wyoming Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment Project PDF