The following are the papers submitted and presentations given at the 2017 Western District Annual meeting in San Diego, California. Please see the Technical Session Program for descriptions of the papers/presentations. If your paper or presentation is missing, and you would like to have it posted here, please contact the Web Manager.

Session Presenter Title Paper Presentation
2A Darlene Danehy Lessons Learned in the Use of Drones for Parking Studies PDF
Michelle Beckley Origin-Destination of U.S. Bound Visitors from an Arizona Port-of-Entry PDF PDF
Joan Lim The Questions Big Data Can Answer: Commercial Travel Analysis
2B Kris Milster with Carlos Ortiz and John Lower Smart Communities and ITE PDF
2C Sasha Jovanovic Quantifying Multimodal Performance for Long-Range Planning PDF PDF
Ryan Zellers Establishing a Methodology for a Comprehensive Active Transportation Strategy PDF
Ian Barnes Getting There on Time: Why Travel Time Reliability Isn’t Just for Drivers PDF PDF
Min Zhou Feasibility of Cycle Tracks, Buffered Bike Lanes and Bicycle Boulevard in Pasadena PDF
2D David Soto Padin Surrogate Safety Measures for Uncontrolled Crosswalks in Oregon
Sanjay Paul Intersection Safety Performance: A Case Study on the Application of Predictive Models PDF
Frank Markowitz Innovations in Lighting for Pedestrian Safety and Walkability PDF PDF
Faisal Hamood San Diego Airport Terminal 1 Delineation System PDF
3A Doug Gettman Update on Automated Vehicle Initiatives Around the World PDF
Leo Lee Smart Cities – A Paradigm Shift for Transportation Engineers PDF
Elliott Huang Fleet Penetration of Automated Vehicles – A Microsimulation Analysis PDF
3B Brian Walsh Can Adjusting the Shape or Size of a Roundabout Alternative Save an Intersection? PDF
Phil Rust Re-purposing the Pavement of an Urban Intersection PDF
Rich Deal Tale of Two Closely Spaced and Significantly Different Diameter Roundabouts PDF
3C Rick Curry San Diego Region Mesoscopic Model Development PDF
Maria Vyas Mega-corridor Planning for an Uncertain Future PDF
Billy Park Does the Difference Method Always Work for Travel Demand Forecasting? PDF
Ali Gholami Lessons Learned from Development of a Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model for Northern Nevada PDF
3D Mohammedreza Hashemi Analysis of Roadway Departure Crashed Contributing Factors Based on Classification and Regression Trees PDF
Scott Kelley How Safe are the Streets in Your Region?
Grant Schultz Zero Fatalities: Applying the Roadway Safety Analysis Methodology in Utah PDF
Devin Moore Driver-Related Safety Countermeasures From 41 Workshops PDF
4A Abby Morgan Self-Driving Books – How Our Practices will Change with Connected Vehicles PDF
Sam Morrissey Agency Implications of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles PDF PDF
Lauren Isaac How Local Governments can Plan for Driverless Vehicles Penetration of Automated Vehicles PDF
4B Devin Moore Prioritizing Complete Streets – Master Planning PDF
Megan Hoyt Road Diets Serving the Community PDF
Jesse Manning Complete Streets Considerations in the Intersection of the Future PDF
Eduardo Serafin Complete Streets Safety Assessments for Local Agencies/Tribal Governments in California PDF
4C Joe Totten Cross-Elasticities in Frequencies and Ridership for Urban Transit Routes
Joan Lim Using Big Data for Statewide Models: Lessons from Colorado PDF
Wu Sun Calibration and Validation of an Activity-based Model PDF
Don Hubbard Over the Edge – Forecasting Beyond the Boundaries of the Regional Model PDF
4D Hans Larsen Fremont Vision Zero 2020 – Swedish Levels of Safety in a Silicon Valley Suburb
Kevin Chang Safety Data Management and Analysis: Addressing Our Continuing Education Needs
John Lower Every MPH Counts – Setting Speed Limits for All Users
Brian Genovese Improving Safety for Active Transportation in San Diego PDF
5A Ashley Kim Estimating Transit Ridership Patterns Through Automated Data Collection Technology PDF
Sal Akhter Drilling Down on Big Data: Types, Sources, and Use Cases
John Kerenyi Open AWAM: Open-Source Bluetooth Travel Time System PDF PDF
Theresa Dau-Ngo Port of Long Beach Traffic Count Information System PDF
5B Katy Cole VMT: Now That’s a Horse of a Different Color PDF
Tim Erney Orange County’s Proactive Approach to SB 743 Implementation PDF
Pete Ruscitti Proposed Approach to Introducing VMT to Local Planning and Environmental Review PDF
Martin Engelmann Addressing the Requirements of SB 743 at the County, Subarea, and Local Levels PDF
5C Grant Schultz So What’s a Bicycle Lane in Utah Good For, Anyway? PDF
Stephanie Cheng Different ATPs for Different Communities: Making Active Transportation Plans Work for You PDF
Kendra Rowley Safety Efficacy Confidence Levels for Pedestrian and Bicycle Treatments PDF PDF
Perry Gross The Social and Cultural Gap: An Active Transportation Bridge PDF
6A Kevin Aguigui Preparing Downtown San Rafael for the SMRT Commuter Rail System PDF
Jonathan Hofert Wireless Interconnect Between Traffic Signal and Train Control Cabinets PDF
Ralph Boaz Understanding How Advanced Transportation Controllers Are a Key to Our Future PDF
Matthew Cox Setting the Stage for Transit Signal Priority in San Diego: Effectiveness and Lessons Learned PDF
6B Alejandro Henao Impacts of Ridesourcing on VMT, Mode Replacement, and Travel Behavior PDF
Jill Mackay Connecting Transit “Deserts” Through Automated Vehicles and Mobility as a Service PDF
Tracy Scriba Transportation Systems Manage-ment and Operations (TMSO) Strategies and Practices from the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2) PDF
Corey Connors Knowledge Management for Transportation Engineering Firms PDF
6C Jonathan Dong Making Communities Better Through Transit: Speed and Reliability Spot Improvements PDF
Randy Johnson, Anthony Buczek Fitting Big BRT in the Small Starts Box: Planning BRT in a Constrained Corridor PDF
Nathan Schmidt SANDAG’s Unified Safe Routes to Transit Planning for the San Diego Region
Freddy He Keep the LRT Train on Schedule, Traffic Flowing, and Pedestrians Safe PDF
7A Susan Langdon Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures – Fitbit for Your Signal System PDF
Paul Barricklow, Chris Sobie Coors Boulevard, Albuquerque, Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures PDF
Mike Kenney El Camino Real Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Traffic Signal Coordination Evaluation PDF PDF
Joseph Couples Adaptive Signals for Congestion Mitigation in Seattle PDF
7B Aaron Elias The New Highway Capacity, 6th Edition – a Guide for Multimodal Mobility Analysis PDF
Zaki Mustafa, Shirley Zamora Vasquez The NACTO Manuals and Designing for Vision Zero PDF
John Fisher MUTCD Update PDF
7C Seitu Coleman Development Opportunities and Potential Success of the California High Speed Rail System PDF PDF
Brian Bochner Embracing Change: Smart Growth Development Proven to Reduce Site Traffic PDF
Bill Lieberman Gondolas as a Form of Public Transportation PDF
8A Lin Zhang Implementing All Electronic Tolling on Bridges in the San Francisco Bay Area PDF
Christopher Chin Operation of the Metering System for the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge PDF PDF
Travis Low The I-80 Adaptive Ramp Metering: User Satisfaction and Operational Perspective PDF
Guangchuan Yang Queue Storage Length Design for Metered On-Ramps PDF PDF
8B Alex Pochowski Roundabouts and Bikes: Like Oil and Water or Fish and Tacos? PDF
David Stanek Operations and Safety of Bicycles at Roundabouts PDF PDF
Gary Warkentin The I-5/La Novia Roundabout – Challenges and Lessons from Being First PDF
8C Christopher Eaves The Final 50 Feet of Urban Goods Delivery PDF
Darlene Danehy Major Changes in Trip Generation for Large-Scale Residential Projects Changes in Trip Generation PDF
Jonathan Upchurch Preparing for the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse PDF
Tamara Zdvorak Visual Communication in the Planning Industry PDF
8D Jeanne Bowie Emergency Signal Warrant Case Studies in Anchorage, Alaska PDF
Lingling Yang Statistical Analysis of Impacts of Yellow Intervals on Stop Bar Violations PDF
Gordon Lum How Effective is Automated Red Light Enforcement? PDF
9A Steve Fitzsimmons Traffic Signal Systems for Small Cities PDF
John Dorado Legacy IP: What’s In It For Me?The Culver City Experience PDF
Lee Hansen Distributed Adaptive Solution: A Case Study PDF
9B James Bittner A Road Diet for Main Street – What are the Impacts? PDF
Aaron Heumann Mineral Avenue Corridor Assessment PDF PDF
Mark Esposito A Tale of Two Modes in Santa Monica PDF
9C Michael Mauch An Empirical Examination of Freeway Travel Reliability PDF
Kevin Carstens Enhancing Capacity and Managing Demand: The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge PDF PDF
Jonathan Upchurch Evaluating Capacity of the Zion-Mt Carmel Tunnel in Zion National Park PDF PDF
Steve Colman The Roads Not Taken: San Francisco’s Freeway Revolt Revisited PDF
9D Emilio Murga Left Turn Violation Reductions for At-grade Intersections with Internally Illuminated Raised Pavement Markings
Randy McCourt Electronic Display Traffic Control Devices PDF
Robert Kahn Service Rate Capacities for Electronic Gates PDF PDF
SB 743 Workshop Erik Ruehr Introduction to SB 743: The Transportation Engineer’s Perspective PDF
Alyssa Begley Caltrans SB 743 Implementation PDF
Charity Schiller Senate Bill 743 and the LOS to VMT Paradigm Shift: A CEQA Attorney’s Perspective PDF
Brian Calvert SB 743 – Preparing for Implementation: The Planning Perspective PDF