Student Endowment Fund Spotlight: Sept/Oct

Thank you to all of our supporters at the recent Western District Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ!  We kicked off the meeting on Saturday with the 3rd installment of the MiteY Race with 7 family/friends and 12 student teams completing fun, but challenging tasks to solve a mystery at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel.  The top family & friends teams were:MiteY Minions1

  • 1st Place:  MiteY Minions – Mark and Alex Spencer from Fremont, CA
  • 2nd Place:  Four Moore – Devin, Karina, Becca, and Avery Moore from Las Vegas, NV
  • 3rd Place:  Hot Rods – Kenny, Jade, and Elizabeth Rodriguez from Las Vegas, NV

This year’s race included a surprise for our student teams who had an additional task to complete during the Get Acquainted Social on Sunday night. The top student teams were:

Pete Pistol Team_sm

  • 1st Place:  Pistol Pete – Edward Offei and Rebecca Franke from the University of Wyoming
  • 2nd Place:  Cowboy Joe – Eric and Vijay Sabawat from the University of Wyoming
  • 3rd Place:  Yellow Lite – Kevin Mach and Brandon Wong from Cal Poly Pomona

All of the teams that finished the race were eligible for our Grand Prize drawing of 2 Samsung Galaxy Tablets.  The Grand Prize winners were the student team from UCLA.

Finally, thank you to our sponsors, W-Trans and Wilson Okamoto Corporation, for their support of the Student Endowment Fund.  Please visit our facebook page ( for photos of this year’s race and updates about next year’s race in Rapid City, SD!