Student Endowment Fund Spotlight: Nov/Dec

craig_small1Section President Craig Faessler:

The Colorado-Wyoming Section had the honor and pleasure of hosting the Western District annual meeting this past July. Our local arrangements committee worked very hard to pull together another successful event for the District.  To kick off the event, the Colorado-Wyoming Section became only the second group to reach the “platinum” level of sponsorship for the Student Endowment Fund by donating $5,000 at the opening address.

We are continuing our efforts to raise funds for the Student Endowment Fund, as well as for our very energetic and successful Wyoming Student Chapter (Student Bowl Champions) and encourage other Sections to join us in the race to become the first “emerald” group contributors.

The Nov-Dec Spotlight is written by Scott Koch, President of the University of Wyoming (UW) Student Chapter.

University of Wyoming Student Chapter at the Annual Meeting in Denver, CO

The UW student chapter strives to be a known member of the university community, the Laramie, Wyoming community, and the Colorado-Wyoming ITE community.  The chapter has made a determined effort to attend the Western District Annual Meetings as well as Colorado-Wyoming ITE meetings.  Each year, the chapter tries to send at least two members to the Annual Meeting.  In the past two years, UW sent eight students toAnaheim and six students to Denver for the Western District Annual Meeting.  The UW Student Chapter represented well at this year’s Annual Meeting in Denver.  UW students actively participated in the James H. Kell Student Competition and some were nicely rewarded for their efforts.  Also, the UW ITE Student Chapter were the first ever champions of the newly introduced Western District Student Traffic Bowl.  GO POKES!!

This year, the chapter has participated in many events.  At the University level, the UW ITE Student Chapter hosted a Snow Fence Design Competition for E-week.  In the Laramiecommunity, UW ITE student members volunteered for a Walk to School day at the local elementary schools.  The chapter also provided traffic counts for the City of Laramie.  The chapter holds bi-monthly meetings where professionals in the transportation industry are invited to be guest speakers.  The chapter has also gone a number of field trips such as visiting the Denver TMC, the Cheyenne TMC, and the Colorado TMC in Golden, Colorado. Finally, the chapter connects with professionals by attending the Colorado-Wyoming ITE meetings.