Student Endowment Fund Spotlight: May/June

Mike PackardThe May-June Spotlight was written by Mike Packard, ITE Hawaii Section President, regarding their recent contribution to the Endowment Fund.  The Hawaii Section is the District’s most recent Gold-Level contributor to the  Endowment Fund.  The following is their article:

The ITE Hawaii Section is privileged to be the newest Gold Level sponsor to the Student Endowment Fund.  The current Hawaii Section officers felt that this recent contribution represents the interests of our members and reflects our commitment to ITE on a national level.  From our first contribution to the Endowment Fund in 2006 during the Annual Meeting our section hosted here in Hawaii, we have strived to find different ways to engage and involve our students.  Student participation and support has always been important to our section.

In addition to our contributions to the Endowment Fund on a District level, we have tried to provide additional support for our students on a local level.  We try to organize an annual joint meeting with our student chapter where they can present projects that they are currently working on and, several years ago, we were proud to provide funding for our local student chapter to conduct a small data collection project.  Recently, the Hawaii Section established an Annual Meeting Grant to provide assistance to ITE Hawaii Section members to present papers at ITE Western District Annual Meetings.  This grant is available to both a section member and University of Hawaii ITE student chapter officer.  Last year, we were please to award this grant to our student chapter president, Xin “Alyx” Yu, who presented his paper “Analysis of Downstream Queues on Upstream Capacity Expansion of Urban Signalized Intersections” at the ITE Western District Annual Meeting in Santa Barbara, CA.

For more information about what the ITE Hawaii Section is doing in Hawaii to advance the objectives of ITE, please visit the ITE Hawaii Section webpage ( If you are ever in Hawaii and interested in attending or presenting at a monthly meeting, please feel free to contact us through our website. Aloha!