Student Endowment Fund Spotlight: May/Jun

The Western District will be hosting a Student Raffle during the 2011 Annual Meeting in Anchorage, Alaska.  Please join us during the Get Acquainted Social on Sunday, July 10, 2011, and meet some of our dedicated students.  The District’s student chapters have banded together to promote the Student Endowment Fund by donating items to be raffled off during the Sunday night event.  In addition, the students in attendance will be mingling with attendees and selling raffle tickets with all proceeds from the raffle going towards the Student Endowment Fund.  Attendees will deposit tickets into buckets in front of the item(s) they want with a winning ticket selected for each item at the end of the event.  Winners must pick up their items from the Endowment Fund booth before the vendor area closes on Tuesday.

The Local Arrangements Committee (LAC) and the ITE Alaska Section are well underway with their preparations for the upcoming Annual Meeting.  As with past meetings, the LAC is expecting the meeting to be well attended by our student chapter members.  We have already had commitments from the student chapters at Cal Poly Pomona, San Diego State University, University of Washington, and Portland State University regarding their attendance of the meeting.

In support of the District’s student chapters, Anne Brooks, Co-Chair of the Local Arrangements Committee (LAC) in Alaska, has crafted a beautiful Alaskan quilt.  She has appropriately named the quilt “Blanket Toss” and has generously donated the quilt to the Student Raffle.

In addition, several student chapters have also pledged to donate items to the raffle including the student chapters at Cal Poly Pomona, San Diego State Univeristy, University of Hawaii at Manoa, and Oregon State University.

The Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) student chapter has pledged to donate an Ipod Nano to the raffle.  As in previous years, the CPP student chapter has worked diligently to raise funds to attend the Annual Meeting in Alaska.  They expect to have at least 10 of their student members in attendance at the meeting.

The San Diego State University (SDSU) student chapter plans to send 4-5 student members to the Annual Meeting in Alaska, enough to participate in the Traffic Bowl!  In addition, they have pledged to donate a golf club to the raffle in support of the Student Endowment Fund.

The University of Hawaii at Manoa, with the support of the Hawaii Section, has pledged to donate a basket of Hawaiian treats to the raffle.  Although the students from Hawaii are unable to attend the Alaska meeting, they will be sending their support and Aloha to all attendees!

Some of our student chapters have chosen to make items for the raffle.  The theme for the Annual Banquet this year is a “duct tape ball” where attendees dress up in items made from duct tape.

In the spirit of this year’s banquet, the students of Oregon State University (OSU) held an ITE duct tape party and everyone that attended made an item out of duct tape.  The students crafted ties, purses, belts, hats, jewelry, and vests!

Visit the Alaska LAC Facebook page (ITE Alaska 2011) to see more photos of items by the OSU students.  Many of these items will be raffled off at the meeting so don’t miss your chance pick up last minute items for the banquet.

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