Student Endowment Fund Spotlight: May/Jun

The Northern California Section has been utilizing innovative fundraising methods over the last two years to generate excitement about the Student Endowment Fund in their section.  In 2008, they raised over $5000 for the Endowment Fund and received an award for the Highest Overall Contribution to the Student Endowment Fund at the Annual Meeting inAnaheim.  This year, they are well on their way to winning the 2009 award with $2,290 contributed by their members to date.


Larry Wymer, Endowment Fund Committee Liaison for the Northern California Section, reports that the Section initiated an Endowment Fund promotion as part of their regular monthly luncheons.  At each luncheon last year, a $25 Starbucks gift card was given to one person submitting a completed contribution form pledging at least $100 to the fund. If more than one person submited a contribution form at a meeting, a drawing was held to determine the winner.

This year, the promotion was modified to a year end grand prize of an iPod Touch, with the winner determined from a drawing of all contributors for the year.  These promotions have resulted in numerous contributions by individual members and prompted additional corporate contributions. The Section is also promotes the Endowment Fund by sending periodic reminders to their 700 person email distribution soliciting contributions for the fund, and describing the Starbucks gift card promotion.