Student Endowment Fund Spotlight: Mar/Apr


Marc Mizuta, President of the San Diego Section:  Over the last several years as I moved up the ranks on the Executive Board of the San Diego Section, I have learned a great deal from my predecessors and especially from Edgar Perez, our current Western District Vice President.  While serving as President for the San Diego Section, Edgar encouraged the board to support and contribute to the Student Endowment Fund.  We have made contributions every year and would like to see the Student Endowment Fund reach its goal in the near future.

Not only are we contributing to the Student Endowment Fund, but we are excited to see that the membership for the San Diego State University Student Chapter is increasing every year and that there is greater student participation at our monthly luncheons.  Look out for the San Diego State University students at the upcoming Annual Meeting in San Franciscoas they bring a lot of energy and are seeking to win some of the competitions!

The Mar-Apr Spotlight is written by Billy Reyes, President of the San Diego State University Student Chapter.

SDSU Student Chapter at the 2009 District Annual Meeting in Denver, CO

SDSU Student Chapter at the 2009 District Annual Meeting in Denver, CO

During the Summer of 2007, a few of the members went to the annual meeting at Portland,Oregon. In the Summer of 2008, four of the members attended the annual meeting atAnaheim, California. In the Summer of 2009, five of the members attended the annual meeting at Denver, Colorado. At these meetings, there were many opportunities to network with both students and professionals. Every year shows to be a good sign of an increase in participation of student to represent the ITE Student Chapter from San Diego StateUniversity. The student chapter in San Diego State University is determined to match the number of students coming from Wyoming and Cal State Pomona, who came with a larger number along with their school colors. Also through experience, the student chapter is hoping to provide more incentives for new members and for members in the future to be more than willing to come to the annual meetings and represent SDSU. With special thanks to the professionals from the ITE San Diego Section for sponsoring the students, the cost of travel, food, and other needs were very affordable.  The annual meetings provide the best experience for the students; it is a great way to help students set their path for the future ahead of them. The annual meetings also provide great incentives for students to strive harder in not only the transportation field, but also in any field in engineering.

Every year, the ITE Student Chapter in San Diego State University would find better ways to fundraise and be more involved with the professionals. The students would do fundraising such as take pictures at the golf tournament held every year and put it in frames for a good memory the professionals can have, sell ITE polo shirts and beanie babies, and more. ITE has also provided its students with a free admission and free lunch during the monthly luncheons. The student chapter would also have their own meetings every month and would most of the time, have a professional as a guest speaker. There is also an ITE display case in the engineering building where it contains information about the organization, when the meetings are, and our contact information for students who are curious.

There are many things to take from being a part of the ITE student chapter. Students are well taken care of in events such as the monthly and annual meetings. It is a great opportunity to take advantage of all the offers such as scholarships and a chance to network with professionals and help plan the future. ITE has always tried to do its best for its students, to excel both in school and in future career plans by providing with as much assistance.