Student Endowment Fund Spotlight: Mar/Apr

The ITE student chapter at Arizona State University is currently preparing for its first full active semester since the early 1990’s. After several years of inactivity, the Arizona State University chapter was re-launched with help from the Arizona Section of ITE in October 2008.

asustudents From left to right: Sarah Ellie Ziems (Treasurer), Sravani Vadlamani (Vice-President), Bhargava Kishore Sana (President), Karthik Konduri (Secretary)

The officers of ASU-ITE are working toward building a strong foundation for the chapter and a membership consisting of both undergraduate and graduate level students. Through this diverse membership, we hope not only to provide a support system for the current transportation students through employer networking and professional development, but also to draw a diverse body of students into the field of transportation. We hope to do this through a series of events highlighting innovations in transportation, involving fun and engaging activities, and drawing the attention of undergraduate students.

Currently, ASU-ITE is planning a workshop for its members on how to write a resume and interview for professional positions. Specialists in the engineering school have agreed to provide us with mock interviews and review resumes in preparation for the competitive career fairs and job searches that take place every spring. We also look forward to hosting seminars or lectures from respected area consultants and industry leaders, planning outings to areas of interest in the Phoenix Valley, and becoming involved in our community.

The executive board of the Arizona State University Chapter is excited and motivated to build a strong and lasting organization of students who will someday become the leaders in the transportation field. We know that starting an organization is never easy, but with the support from our excellent advisors and the Arizona Section, we know that we can initiate an organization that is a great resource for the field of transportation.