Student Endowment Fund Spotlight: Jul/Aug

I have been a member of ITE since 1963 and appreciate the opportunity to provide somethoughts and especially with respect to the Student Endowment Fund.

During my college years I did not have any classes related to traffic engineering or any exposureto that field of engineering. My first employment as a civil engineer for a city, I found to besomewhat uninteresting. When an opportunity arose to attend the Fundamentals of TrafficEngineering at UCLA, I enrolled. The instructors included Jim Kell and Wolf Homburger bothactive in ITE that later became friends. That was in 1960 and I have been involved in Trafficengineering ever since

I also began attending local ITE meetings in 1960 and became a member in 1963. My firstDistrict 6 Meeting was in Anaheim in 1963. ( That meeting was known for throwing theChairman in the pool due to insufficient food at the luau.) I found that ITE was a great sourcefor technical education and that older members were always willing to share their knowledge.Another feature of ITE was the social activity. My family and I attended many District Meetingsand both my son and daughter became traffic engineers. We made many friendships with otherITE families which we still maintain. I have served on many ITE Committees and as both anelected and appointed member of the District Board. Having attended District Board Meetingsfor a total of 18 years is still a record to my recollection.

For many years, I provided an annual lecture at Cal Poly Pomona on traffic engineering. Inaddition, over the years we employed students in our consulting business. Some of these studentshave continued in the profession and others gone into other areas. The experience provided mewith incentive to encourage and support students.

Both the technical and social areas of my life have benefitted by my ITE activity. Because ofthis, I am fully supportive of the Student Endowment Fund. This program is intended to aid andencourage students to pursue a career in traffic engineering. It also has the potential of makingother students aware of the profession. Donating to the Endowment Fund is a way of givingsomething back to the profession that has been beneficial to me in many ways.

Weston S. Pringle, Jr., P.E., PTOE

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