Student Endowment Fund Spotlight: Jul/Aug

The July-Aug spotlight is written by Victor Ling, President of the Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) Student Chapter.  The CPP student chapter has made a concerted effort to attend District Annual Meetings where they have benefitted from some of the Student Initiatives for which the Endowment Fund was created to support.  Each year, the Chapter has been able to bring as many as 25 students to the District Annual Meetings.  This year, the Chapter hopes to bring as many as 30 students to 2009 Annual Meeting at Denver, Colorado.

DSC_2868_md1CPP Student Chapter at the 2008 Annual Meeting in Anaheim, CA

The CPPITE Student Chapter actively participates in the Kell Competition and plays key roles in winning the competition at every Annual Meeting.  In addition, the chapter and its members have won a number of awards such as the Outstanding Student Award, the Student Chapter Activity Award, and the Student Chapter Web Site Award at the District Annual Meetings.

This year, the Chapter has been very active in many events including mock interview, field trip to Metro Gold Line Extension, traffic management during the CPP College of Engineering Opening House, TGI Friday’s Night, and general meeting almost every other week.  The Chapter also makes a good connection to professionals by attending the RSBITE and SoCal ITE Meetings.