Student Endowment Fund Spotlight: Jan/Feb

KenAckeret2The Jan-Feb Spotlight was written by Ken Ackeret, one of our newest Patron level contributors to the Endowment Fund. The following is Ken’s article regarding his thoughts about the Student Endowment Fund:

As we start into a new year I am proud to say that I am a continuing supporter of the Western District Student Endowment Fund. I am also very pleased that the District Board re-named the Endowment Fund in honor of my long time ITE friend and fellow Las Vegas traffic engineer Richard T. Romer. I was serving as the District’s Technical Chair when the Student Initiatives program was developed by President Rory Grindley and his Board. The District recognized the need to support college students in their interest in transportation engineering through ITE. The creation of the Endowment Fund as a method of providing sustained funding for the created student initiatives continues to be a vital component to this successful program. I have personally seen students benefit from this program to become ITE volunteers and elected leaders of our District. The Endowment Fund, even though it has not been fully funded, has allowed the District during the economic recent down-turn to continue to support our transportation students. This funding was so important when it was needed the most to support students  to participate in ITE .

I have been committed to supporting the Endowment Fund from the very first fund raising efforts. Each year at the annual meeting I have made my donation to the fund. Over the years it has added up as the fund has grown with everyone’s support. Today’s challenge is to maintain the energy of giving to the fund. The goal of raising $500,000 to be a self-sustaining fund remains achievable. Everyone knew it would take years of effort and commitment to raise the money. So I encourage everyone to join me and make a tax deductible donation of any dollar amount to support our young transportation students. A few dollars from each of us will build the Richard T. Romer Endowment Fund to its self-sustaining goal of $500,000.

I do not know of a better way to invest in the future of our District’s Transportation Professionals and to remember all of Rich’s contributions to ITE.