Student Endowment Fund Spotlight: Jan/Feb

The Jan-Feb Spotlight was written by Karen King, President of the Arizona Section.  The Arizona Section is our newest Platinum-Level contributor to the Student Endowment Fund.  The following is Karen’s article about the Arizona Section’s ongoing support of the fund and their local student initiatives:

The Arizona Section of ITE is very proud to be a Platinum Level supporter of the Western ITE Student Endowment Fund.  We don’t just see it as the right thing to do, but as our responsibility as transportation professionals to promote the profession and provide ample opportunities for our future transportation leadership.

We have put a strong focus on increasing student involvement and it is one of our goals for 2011-2012.  There are several initiatives which we dedicate resources to each year, such as our undergraduate and graduate level scholarship and joint meetings with our student chapters.  We offer two scholarships of $1000 each based on an essay describing a significant issue that transportation and traffic engineers are currently facing, and a proposed solution.  Last year the award winning graduate paper was from Sarah Elia “Ellie” Volosin, a graduate student at Arizona State University, with her paper, “Application of Intelligent Transportation Systems to Improve Paratransit Services and Equal Transportation Opportunity”. Jared Burns, an undergraduate at University of Arizona, received the undergraduate scholarship for his paper on effective communication to the public.

We have visions to accomplish more with our student members and this is where the Student Endowment Fund plays a major role.  Our objective is to have more student participation in the Western District meetings, as well as Arizona-based transportation conferences, so they have the opportunity to network within the profession and learn about various transportation issues and programs in the field.  Our ITE student leaders are highly motivated and we would like to provide them all the mentorship and support they deserve to succeed.  We hope you all get a chance to meet these fantastic individuals at the upcoming Western District meeting in Santa Barbara.