Student Endowment Fund Spotlight: Jan/Feb

BobCrommelin_smWhen Cathy Leong asked me to write a short article on why Barbara and I made a donation to the Student Endowment Fund, it took a little thinking to figure out why.  I guess it is basic enough to say I probably would not have become a Traffic Engineer if it had not been for my undergraduate work at UC Berkeley.

I was a senior in civil engineering in 1948 and some new classes were started in the field of Traffic Engineering.  They sounded a little more interesting than the Railroad Engineering courses I had been taking for my transportation option.  There also was a two unit course, Highway Engineering.  I had been President of the Student Chapter of ASCE and somehow Traffic Engineering was more of an interest to me.  At that time, there were not Student Chapters of ITE.

The reason we decided to give support to the Endowment Fund was to encourage students to participate in our ITE activities so that ITE would eventually have a source of future membership of talented individuals.  The young people that I have noticed in student chapters are worthy future traffic and transportation engineers whom we must encourage to join us.

Giving $10,000.00 when Zaki called me was an unplanned act.  I knew that the Endowment Fund would help encourage future membership in ITE.  That is really why Barbara and I made our contribution.  May I now encourage other ITE members to contribute to the Fund which will aid in the continued growth of ITE and in the knowledge of our membership.