Student Endowment Fund: July/August

Dongho ChangThe July-August Spotlight was written by Dongho Chang, the President of the Washington State ITE Section. The Washington ITE Section is our first group contributor to reach the Diamond recognition level. The following is Dongho’s article about the Washington State ITE Section’s ongoing support of the Student Endowment Fund and their local student initiatives:

Washington ITE section members are working hard to support and engage our young members and students members. The success of our organization and profession depend on the recruitment and retention of talented future leaders. Our section just initiated support for young transportation professionals who are starting off in their early career. Monthly meeting fees were significantly reduced for members younger than 35 years for our events this year. Our section board approved $100 grant for ten Young Professional Transportation members to attend the August International meeting in Seattle. ITE member survey found that young members are more likely join and maintain their ITE membership after attending a Section, District, or an International conference.

Washington Section members continued their strong support for our students this year. All monthly meetings are free to students and we were able hold pizza feed meeting on the University of Washington Campus this year. Our section provided funding for five students to attend the inaugural Western District student leadership summit. Our May Student night provided $3,500 in graduate and undergraduate student scholarships and $950 in awards for three student teams. These teams provided innovative solutions to a tricky transportation challenge at a Seattle intersection. We also made a contribution to the Richard T. Romer student endowment fund that, when fully endowed, will provide a lasting difference for students throughout our district.