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Services: Data Collection, Bicycle & Pedestrian, Parking


Founded in 1989, National Data & Surveying Services (NDS), an S Corporation, was established to deliver accurate and cost-effective solutions to our client’s traffic, transit, and GIS/GPS data collection needs. NDS is the largest traffic data collection firm in the nation with an outstanding team of well over 100 professional full-time employees. Over our 33-year history, NDS has completed hundreds of thousands of multi-modal turning movement counts at various sized intersections and roundabouts requiring a variety of FHWA or observation-based classifications using both video and manual collection methodologies; hundreds of thousands of average daily traffic counts requiring volume, speed, and or classification data using various technologies; and tens of thousands of other studies including GIS asset inventory, pedestrians, bicycles, school, non-motorized, micro-mobility, spot-speed, non-intrusive interstate radar, parking studies, vehicle occupancy, gap, queue, intersection delay, saturation flow rate, travel time, compliance, origin-destination with or without Bluetooth, saturation flow rate, ball-bank horizontal curve studies, drone surveillance, drone orthomosaics, video recording, and video processing. NDS leverages our experience and expertise to deliver accurate and timely data in a professional manner.

Data Collection Services throughout the nation, serving the ITE Western District (CA, OR, WA, and HI) and beyond.

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