See you in San Diego!

It’s been my privilege to serve as our District President this past year.  The Board was quite active all year, allowing us to achieve several accomplishments.  The Student Endowment Fund reached its initial goal of $500,000, allowing us to expand the Student Initiatives Program and award annual regional travel scholarships.  Membership is up; we have over 4,200 members, and about 10-percent of us are ITE Chapter, Section and District officers.  Our finances are stable, and we are fortunate to have sponsors that support our initiatives throughout the year.  Our Western District student chapters are thriving and setting an example for the nation, with other ITE Districts now hosting their own Student Leadership Summit.  We expanded our level of engagement with our members, welcomed new Committee Chairs, and in just a few weeks we will host our 70th Annual Meeting in San Diego!

For this month’s E-News, I asked our Legislative Chair Tom Mericle to summarize the recently approved California SB 1, which increased gas taxes for the first time in 23 years.   Is California leading the way?  Or are we taxing our way further down a rabbit hole, already a very deep well that includes a $59 billion backlog of state highway repairs and a $75 billion backlog for local roadways.  Will SB 1 help our underfunded needs ever come to an end?  Read Tom’s article to learn more.

I look forward to seeing you in San Diego!

Mark Spencer, P.E.
Western District President